Kodak Solar Products

KODAK Solar Products

Energy you can trust at a price customers will love. 

Brought to South Africa by SegenSolar, its sole distributor, KODAK Solar Products offers a vast selection of reliable, affordable PV system components designed to alleviate today’s energy woes with ease 

The OG range 

Comprising four different-sized off-grid inverters ranging from 3kW to 10kW, the OG range is ideal for small domestic projects requiring a high-quality electricity supply. Each model comes with a whole host of features maximising solar power generation and ease of use, from generator compatibility to built-in Wi-Fi for remote monitoring. 


The OGS range 

KODAK Solar Products broadens its off-grid portfolio with the OGS5.6 inverter: the single model in the OGS range. With convenient and aesthetically pleasing features, such as a customisable LED status ring with RGB lights, this 5.6kW component, which also supports remote monitoring via Wi-Fi, boasts a parallel capability of up to nine units. 


The OG-Plus range 

Innovative. Dynamic. Dependable. The OG-Plus inverters offer the perfect solution for applications in areas where utility connections are particularly unstable, like rural and end-of-line locations — producing a smooth 230V AC at all times. Plus, with zero transfer times, these solutions keep important loads running around the clock. 


Energy storage solutions 

There are two batteries in the KODAK Solar Products energy storage portfolio: the BL3.6 and the BL5.0. Both are high-performance, scalable solutions that excel on all counts, with industry-leading 1.5C ratings and 95% depth of discharge (DoD) values for optimal efficiency, as well as generous 10-year warranties as standard.