Renusol is one of the largest companies offering solar mounting solutions. Based in Germany, Renusol offer unique solar panel mounting solutions to suit every application.

Renusol is part of the Gibraltar industry group and is a subsidiary of RBI Solar, the leading EPC provider for ground mounting in the US. Since 1997 Renusol has been developing and producing innovative and cost-efficient solar racking solutions for the photovoltaic industry.

Their range consists of a solution to fit every requirement and Roof type.

The MetaSole+ range is the carefree solution for solar mounting on IBR and corrugated metal sheet of aluminum and steel.

The FS10/FS18 system is perfect for any flat roof install. In either a North facing configuration or East/West, with both 10 degree and 18 degree options on offer, making this system extremely versatile for every requirement.

The Variosole+ system suits every and any pitched tiled roof application. The different components can be combined as needed and fastened to the roof substructure.

The ConSole+ system which is a Ballasted racking system for flat roofs without roof penetration suitable for north-oriented solar installations on regular flat roofs, small flat roofs, such as garages or bungalows, and on redeveloped surfaces on the ground.

The TriSole+ system is a Triangular racking frame for pitched, flat roofs & ground mounting. It is available in various inclinations.Thanks to the large number of compatible roof connection elements and the option of ballasting TriSole, is suitable for a variety of different types of roofs and roof coverings.

SegenSolar carries the entire range of Renusol solar panel mounting solutions as has been mentioned above.

You can read more about Renusol on their website here or refer to the documents tab on the specific product page on the SegenSolar portal.

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