Like many countries in Southern Africa, Zambia is also facing electricity shortages owing to the poorly managed power infrastructure and ongoing drought at the Kariba Dam.

A lack of hydropower has left swathes of the country in darkness without a foreseeable end. These droughts have significantly impacted the power output and resulted in extended periods of disruptive load shedding. In 2018, it was reported that two out of three people lacked access to electricity, and this figure has not changed much in recent years.

The country has over 2109 kWh/m2 of annual solar power potential thanks to 4,403 hours of sunshine each year — meaning PV energy is perfectly suited to Zambia’s climate.

Planned Projects

In 2019, the Zambian government mandated the procurement of 600 MW of PV energy to increase total electricity generation to 6,000 MW in the next 10 years.

The first PPA-linked solar park in the country is in the making, with GreenCo Power seeking independent power producers to back its construction. The project is expected to have a capacity as high as 40 MW, generating up to 80 GWh of power annually.

Alten Energy Zambia Solar PV Park 2 is another planned project, with a 20 MW capacity and an expected completion date of 2022 — bringing its anticipated commercial operation date to 2024. The project will be overseen by Alten Energias, the renewable energy company funding its construction — an investment which could reach $36 million.


SegenSolar is proud to offer reliable solar products to Zambia. A diligent supply of high-quality, dependable equipment will meet the country’s electricity demands with ease. It is a triumph to offer PV products to Zambia in the knowledge the population can cease reliance on diesel-fed generators that are both extremely costly and harmful to the environment.

As well as supplying to channel partners in the capital of Lusaka, the SegenSolar team hopes to offer PV solutions to Kitwe, Ndola, Livingstone and Chipata to create solar hubs across Zambia.

SegenSolar’s variety of off-grid inverters and powerful lithium-ion batteries are capable of supporting Zambia and offering a steadfast solution to the current crisis. Incorporating solar batteries means surplus power generated by the panels can be stored for later use even after the sun goes down. Discover the products now.

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SegenSolar is keen to foster the development of additional small and large-scale solar installations across Zambia. If you are a homeowner, you can get in touch for more details about our work in Zambia. If you are a solar installer, you can register to our free portal to explore the product range.