Why should you trust KD Solar? 

Whilst mounting solutions might be the last step in the PV system installation process, they certainly should not be the least on your priorities list. That is because the components you use to secure solar panels to customers’ rooftops essentially determine how safe and effective their supply is.  

After all, how can reliable renewable energy be generated by modules that are fixed in the incorrect position, elevated to the wrong height or not attached securely? 

Fortunately, installers do not have to look far to find trusted mounting products, especially when browsing the SegenSolar portal. We stock a complete selection of solutions designed to facilitate the flawless fitment of all kinds of PV systems from tried-and-true brands like KD Solar. 

This supplier’s ethos and portfolio prove that it is a trusted company for all your PV mounting needs — and we are here to tell you how. 

Started in South Africa for South Africans 

KD Solar is a local company, having started in South Africa with the mission of catering to the country’s energy requirements, which are complex and ever-changing. 

As such, KD Solar boasts an invaluable understanding of the many ways in which the energy supply crisis affects the population and demand for PV. The brand recognises that installers need dependable, dynamic components to cater to everyone from homeowners to those in charge of industrial-scale facilities, whatever size their PV system is. 

Not only this, but KD Solar is also passionate about renewable energy and the importance of solar power in bringing the nations closer to its global sustainability targets, boasting membership to two important organisations: the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) and Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA). 

Aiming to be the voice for solar PV across the country, SAPVIA is a non-profit that works with government departments to promote, develop and expand the PV industry. Similarly, the SAAEA is committed to spearheading innovation in all renewable energy disciplines, including solar. 

But the best evidence of how trustworthy KD Solar is lies within its portfolio… 

A diverse, durable offering 

Installers can rely on KD Solar to provide every component needed to complete a high-quality PV system installation, with its product offering being packed with a wide array of frames, hooks, clamps, screws and rails. 

As for what makes each product trustworthy, KD Solar’s solutions are built to ensure the best possible, longest-lasting performance, comprising tough but lightweight stainless steel and aluminium materials and generous 10-year warranties. So, you know they will withstand various environmental conditions — ensuring maximum peace of mind during installation and beyond.  

The KD Solar V-frame brackets, such as the 13-25 degrees adjustable V-frame bracket for portrait mounting, are an excellent example of how impressive its products are. This product, which is designed for flat and low-angled rooftops, can be adjusted to suit various installation requirements, ensuring the perfect angle of irradiation every time. 

Plus, this bracket can be used with any of KD Solar’s metal roof anchors when elevation is required on corrugated or inverted box rib (IBR) surfaces, meaning you need fewer components to complete a variety of projects. Thus, installation is quick, easy and more cost-effective. 

And there are plenty more products where that one comes from… 

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