Which Renusol system suits your site?   

Renusol is a world-class PV mounting manufacturer with over 25 years’ experience in the renewable energy industry. The company’s solar mounting offering is unrivalled, and Renusol’s ethos of ‘Simple. Solid. Service.’ is apparent throughout its product portfolio.

But with so many different solutions to choose from, how do you know which system suits your next PV project?

A system for every situation

Renusol’s solar mounting offering is categorised by roof type. Whether you need to install solar modules on a pitched roof, a flat roof or the ground, Renusol has a solution to suit every site.

Pitched roofs

For nearly every kind of pitched roof, we recommend the versatile VarioSole+ system. This modular solution provides a varied choice of roof hooks and dozens of product combinations for endless configuration possibilities. There are three mounting rails available in the VarioSole+: two for medium to high loads and one for very high loads or span widths. What’s more, Renusol’s unique patented RS1 clamp is a universal and adjustable component that suits a range of frame types and can be used as a middle or an end clamp.

Any installer working on metal roofs is likely familiar with Renusol’s MetaSole+. Each system is designed with material saving in mind and does not feature continuous rails, allowing for a more flexible installation. This solution is suitable for pitched corrugated (KLIP-LOK) sheet metal roofs and is available in a handful of variants to suit different roofs and environments.

  • MS+ – A landscape system with short rails for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs
  • MS+CORRUGATED – A landscape system with short rails for corrugated (KLIP-LOK) metal roofs
  • MS+H – A higher variant of the standard MS+ system for hotter climates, designed in collaboration with the SegenSolar experts

Flat roofs/ground mounting

The Renusol FS system was explicitly designed for flat-roof applications, and features optimised statics and an innovative rail system. The FS is suitable for larger flat roofs with a limited load capacity and is fixed with a ballast. Like all Renusol’s solutions, the FS has been tested in a wind tunnel for its static security. The range consists of a 10-degree east-west system, plus a 10-degree and 18-degree tilted south-facing mounting system.

The TriSole+ solution is ideal for flat roofs but can be used on pitched roofs, too. This system comprises a modular triangle, fastening elements and a selection of module clamps — making it ideal for commercial, industrial and agricultural roofs covered with trapezoidal metal or corrugated fibre cement. Modules mounted using the TriSole+ are elevated and can be configured at an angle of between 10–35 degrees.

The iconic ConSole+ can be used on flat roofs or the ground as it requires no penetration to install. The standout feature of the ConSole+ solution is its safety and ease of installation: the user places the tray in position, fills it with the correct ballast and screws on the PV module.

A design tool you can trust

All solar professionals can access Renusol’s free, state-of-the-art design software to ensure their PV projects are accurate and well-priced. The PV-Configurator 3.0 enables you to design a bespoke PV system using Renusol mounting equipment, reducing costs and offering higher levels of safety.

Additionally, all systems designed using the PV-Configurator 3.0 now benefit from an upgraded 25-year warranty, demonstrating Renusol’s confidence in the tool and its products.

Renusol is our recommended mounting manufacturer for all systems purchased on the SegenSolar portal. Are you ready to get started? Log in or register today.