What’s happening with residential solar storage?  

When it comes to solar, battery storage is the key to the widespread uptake of this renewable energy. Solar power’s intermittency at night and on days without sun poses a serious barrier to its use in more applications. However, this issue is solved with batteries as they store any surplus energy generated for use at night or when there are fewer sun hours.

Historically, battery storage was expensive and was reserved for commercial-scale solar installations or wealthy corporations. But all of that is changing.

Residential storage is on the rise as PV lithium batteries become more accessible and less expensive. What’s more, the quality and efficiency of solar batteries are also increasing, so users can get even more for their money.

According to BloombergNEF, a total of 358 GW (or 1,028 GWh) will be installed by the end of 2030 — breaking the 1 TW threshold! Yet, demand for the materials used in lithium batteries is exponentially high, and supply is struggling to keep up, particularly with the surge in demand for electric vehicles. Yet, the lithium-ion battery market is anticipated to grow from $41.1 billion to $116.6 billion by 2030, meaning it is one of today’s fastest-growing technology markets.

So, which batteries do we recommend for residential, small-scale solar-plus-storage installations?

Ready for residential storage with Pylontech

Pylontech is one of the world’s leading lithium battery manufacturers. The company’s batteries are used in all kinds of applications — from residential energy storage systems to charging stations for electric vehicles.

With its focus on innovation and dedication to paving the way for a greener future, we are proud to stock a variety of Pylontech’s batteries on the SegenSolar portal. These solutions are perfect for integration in off-grid PV systems that help to ease the burden of load shedding, providing consistent back-up power when the grid goes down.


The UP2500 is one of Pylontech’s smaller models that is perfect for low-voltage storage installations in Southern Africa.

Compatible only with KODAK 24V Inverters, this 24V battery offers 6,000 cycles at 80 DOD and can support up to 20 units in parallel for larger systems. Its modular design means it is easy to install, and it comes with a five-year warranty as standard.


The UP5000 is the ‘big brother’ of the UP2500 battery, offering 48V instead of 24. This mid-range battery is ideal for daily cycling applications thanks to its long life and 0.5C charge rate. What’s more, you can expect 4,500 cycles from the UP5000 at an outstanding 95% DOD. Thanks to its higher continuous charge/discharge capacity, fewer batteries are required for larger installations — saving space, money and time.

US range (US2000C and US3000C)

The US2000C and US3000C batteries form the backbone of Pylontech’s low-voltage lithium battery range.

These batteries come with a seven-year warranty as standard and offer 6,000 cycles at 90% DOD. You can parallel up to 16 units of these batteries and, using an LV hub, can scale all the way up to 288kWh on a single site.

US2000C US3000C

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