Founded in 1975, Victron Energy designs inverters, chargers and solar storage solutions for residential and commercial projects worldwide. The company is a technology-focused and sales driven business relying on a robust R&D team.

Victron Energy products are sophisticated, smart and customisable and the company is continually developing to bring the newest and most advanced equipment to the solar market.

The MultiPlus Inverter/Charger is suitable for grid-connected and off-grid installations. It is equipped with a host of advanced features such as uninterrupted power supply, remote monitoring and load limit settings as well as advanced AC OR DC coupled systems. It is also well known as one of the best and most robust product range out there.

Victron’s SmartSolar Charge Controller uses the latest MPPT technology to maximise energy harvest and intelligently achieve a full charge in the shortest possible time. This product helps to maintain battery health and extends battery life and support a wide range of battery types. Easy setup via Bluetooth using a Victron mobile APP.

For the perfect combination of an MPPT charge controller, inverter/charger and AC distribution centre, the EasySolar solution from Victron offers all of the above in a single enclosure.

Victron Energy products epitomise luxury solar applications with outstanding efficiency and no compromise in performance.

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