Utility-scale solar storage with Pylontech

One of the primary obstacles to the widespread uptake of solar PV in Southern Africa is the current lack of storage facilities. The intermittency of solar power means that storage is essential to providing consistent, clean energy around the clock.

Implementing commercial or utility-scale battery storage increases a system’s flexibility and enables optimal use of a variable power source, such as solar. The mass deployment of PV storage is key to expanding the reach of alternative energy sources. It will be pivotal in speeding up Southern Africa’s transition to a future less reliant on the national grid.

So, how will this be possible? And where does Pylontech come into all of this?

The bridge to a clean-energy future

Adding battery storage increases the value of a solar installation, storing all generated power for later distribution to ensure that none of the energy is wasted.

But of course, nothing gets in the way of a huge project requiring new infrastructure and systems like a lack of funding. If it were free to transition to renewable energy, every country around the world would be doing so. However, it is a lengthy and costly process to install the infrastructure required for a whole nation to rely on a different form of energy.

Yet, the costs of solar PV equipment have already fallen drastically over the past decade and are continuing to decline, meaning storage systems are more accessible than ever. Lithium-ion technology used in PV batteries is also becoming ever more efficient, and the batteries themselves are growing in capacity without compromising on performance. As such, it is likely that every large-scale solar project installed in Southern Africa over the coming years will be fitted with some form of storage system.

Your hero, high-voltage solution

Leading the way with its innovative lithium PV batteries is Pylontech: a global leader in energy storage designing batteries for all kinds of different applications. Pylontech has delivered over 3.56GWh in battery storage to hundreds of thousands of people in over 80 countries worldwide. Its solutions are trusted by solar professionals and have received the highest accreditation and certification from recognised, global industry bodies.

The hero of Pylontech’s commercial-scale batteries is the Powercube H2: a high-voltage solar battery that can be scaled up for larger storage systems. Up to 18 of these batteries can be configured into a single stack, with the capability to link up to six stacks in parallel. What’s more, the Powercube H2 comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty as standard (7 years for basic warranty, another 3 years could be available after successful registration).

And if you want to keep your Pylontech Powercube H2 batteries safe and secure?

The Pylontech PowerTower is a premium storage solution for high-voltage batteries that allows you to store up to seven, 10 or 12 batteries in a neat enclosure (plus the BMS). The PowerTower is a heavy-duty piece of kit that is easy to assemble and saves valuable installation time on-site.

All you have to do is slide your batteries into the rack, and installation is complete in just a few minutes. Plus, the latest CliplockTM rails ensure the batteries are well-supported and fit into the rack perfectly every single time. The racks are also ventilated to ensure the batteries do not overheat. To keep the batteries safe, we recommend adding the appropriate size lockable door kit to your PowerTower.

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