Transitioning to renewable energy with SegenSolar 

Solar has long been viewed as the single viable solution to the South African energy crisis. As an environmentally friendly, sustainable and increasingly affordable alternative to electricity from the grid, investing in solar plants is the country’s only route to a reliable, cost-effective power supply. 

However, the current energy landscape has already caused harmful fallout across the country. The damaged economy is an obstacle to its progress and another issue that must be considered in future development plans. So, how will the country tackle the situation? 

The current energy crisis  

South Africa relies on coal for around 80% of its electricity supply. Not only does coal-fired power contribute to air pollution, but the country’s coal plants are also extremely depleted, meaning its primary power source is highly inefficient and damaging to the environment. 

Because these plants are so easily overwhelmed, expensive and disruptive load shedding has become more prevalent as winter approaches — costing the South African economy approximately R500 million per day and around R25 billion in just two weeks. Now that Eskom has moved into stage 4 load shedding, the situation is in dire need of resolution. 

Recovering from an energy crisis as severe as South Africa’s is bound to be a long and costly process. As the country grapples with environmental issues, a troubled economy and the prospect of unemployment rates, its way out of the energy crisis must not make any sacrifices. 

Although building new wind and solar plants in South Africa is 40% cheaper than replenishing the country’s coal plants, investing in long-term solar capabilities will still be costly for the nation. The recent Making Climate Capital Work report states that at least $250 billion will be required to fund the transition to renewable energy in the next 30 years, two-thirds of which can be sought from the private sector. So, whilst it will be difficult, South Africa can leave its energy woes behind. 

Take control of your energy supply 

Whilst plans for recovery are certainly underway, providing valuable hope for the South African population, load shedding will continue for the foreseeable. Why not invest in your own solar array to escape the continued power outages and alleviate the strain on the national grid? 

SegenSolar boasts a wide range of solar products from industry-leading brands, allowing customers to get everything they need for a complete PV system in one place, no matter their energy requirements. 

With Kit Builder, the innovative project design tool, installers benefit from a net 3% discount and the fastest dispatch by getting all products together from current stock. Meaning you can get your PV system up and running quicker and more cost-effectively to transition to a self-sufficient energy supply, free from power outages and fluctuating energy bills. 

For those looking to supplement their current supply, the experts at SegenSolar recommend the Sun King lighting applications. Both the Pico Plus lamps and  Pro 300 boast out-of-the-box installation and require zero maintenance, making these products an easy way to switch to a more sustainable energy supply. Pro 300 boast out-of-the-box installation and require zero maintenance, making these products an easy way to switch to a more sustainable energy supply.  

All the above-mentioned products are available on the SegenSolar portal — the one-stop shop for solar products. To start your solar journey, find an installer near you today.