The Pylontech UP5000: upgraded! 

When it comes to solar energy storage, there are few brands with as much experience and knowledge as Pylontech. 

This brand’s journey as a dedicated battery energy storage system (BESS) provider all the way back in 2009, four years after which it deployed its first BESS solution. Now, having shipped its products across the world for a decade, Pylontech’s experts are celebrating 10 years of operation in the best way possible: upgrading the UP5000 with a firmware update. 

As one of Pylontech’s most popular models, this residential-scale battery has all the qualities an installer could want from a solar product — and it is only getting better. 

So, let us recap the original and newly added features of the UP5000, so you can see just how impressive it is and get ready to place your orders!  

Lithium-ion technology with an edge 

The Pylontech UP5000 leverages lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells, which we have to thank for one of the biggest benefits of this tried-and-true battery model: efficiency. 

With a high usable capacity of 4560Wh and an industry-leading 95% depth of discharge (DoD), the UP5000 allows users to get more out of their investment and limits the number of batteries required for each PV system. 

In terms of power, the sky is the limit with this dynamic product, which allows for large installations of up to 72.96kWh without an LV hub. The battery has an outstanding parallel capability of up to 16 units, streamlining system expansion, and is RS45 and CAN compatible, meaning it can be connected to compatible inverters from brands like KODAK Solar Products with ease. 

Safety is also ensured by the UP5000, with enhanced protection against common faults such as overheating coming from the unit’s battery management system (BMS) — helping prevent damage from cutting the product’s lifespan short. Plus, the UP5000 is also secured by a 5-year warranty. 

Wondering how the UP5000 could possibly get better than this? That is where the firmware upgrade comes in. 

Better performance than ever before 

Pylontech’s recent UP5000 firmware upgrade forms a crucial part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to innovation — taking the battery to new heights in multiple ways. 

Firstly, the new firmware increases the UP5000’s previous 0.5C charge and discharge rating to 0.9C and raises its continuous charge and discharge current from 50A to 90A. As a result of this change, the battery can be charged much quicker (in around an hour, compared to two hours), which minimises downtime. 

The firmware update also brings the UP5000 battery’s ability to support peak loads of 2.4kW up to 4.2kW. In turn, a single battery can be deployed with a 5kW inverter, where previously two batteries were required. Thus, installers have fewer components to install for small domestic projects and customers save money on the upfront cost of their PV system. 

With these improvements in mind, Pylontech has clearly demonstrated that the reputation for quality and forward-thinking that helped it earn its place at the forefront of the solar industry is here to stay.  

Therefore, we have every confidence in deeming this manufacturer (and the UP5000 in particular) a must-have in your residential portfolios. It is just a case of deciding how many batteries you need! 

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