The ins and outs of Renusol’s VS+ system

You do not need to have worked with Renusol’s portfolio before to know that this PV mounting expert boasts an extensive range of solutions for practically every roof type and installation requirement.

But did you know that Renusol divides each of its mounting solutions into handy systems, which are allocated per roof type, so that installers always know which components to choose for each project?

If this is news to you, then keep reading — this blog is all about Renusol’s unique approach to solutions, discussing one of their most popular mounting systems, the VarioSole+ (VS+) range for pitched roofs, and some of its key components…

A unique approach to rooftop PV mounting 

Renusol has more than 25 years of experience in the PV industry, and this certainly shows in its innovative approach to its mounting portfolio.

Not only does Renusol have an unparalleled range of mounting solutions, providing installers with every possible connector, clamp or clip they could need to secure PV panels on different rooftops, but it organises these per roof type to provide a fuss-free ordering and implementation experience.

Renusol’s VS+ mounting system is one of the manufacturer’s most popular ranges, comprising all the solutions installers need to complete a safe, secure PV installation that attends to all key concerns of pitched roofing — how to maximise longevity, keep costs down, and maintain ease of installation, to name a few… 

Whilst this might seem like an impossible task, the VS+ range is able to meet and exceed all the expectations of a pitched roof PV installation due to its modular design and dynamic components, allowing installers to adjust the system to suit changing project needs.

Components that do it all

Each of Renusol’s VS+ components are durable, cost-effective and dynamic, thanks to their intuitive design.

The two VS+ clamps, the middle and end clamps, are a hallmark of the range. Suited to framed modules between 30 mm and 50 mm in thickness, made of aluminium and corrosion-resistant steel and set-preassembled, these clamps are durable and super quick to install — saving you time on site (and homeowners costs on installation).

Equally, the VS+ range hanger bolt, which comes complete with a hammerhead bolt, hexagonal nut and standard bracket and is suitable for wood substructures, is an asset to the range — made from sturdy stainless steel for a long-lasting, cost-effective solution.

We also stock the galvanised steel eco hook basic (without wood screws), which is suitable for wooden roof decking and tiled roofs and protected by a sturdy zinc coating. According to the EN ISO 14712-1:2017 guidelines, this coating provides protection against corrosion for 26-78 years — keeping costly maintenance and re-installation at bay for the homeowner.

As for VS+ mounting rails, both the W41 x D35 x 4400mm rail and W50 x D37 x 4400mm rails are available on our portal, allowing installers to select the most appropriate sized solution for the roof surface — and ace every pitched roof installation…

Discover Renusol’s VS+ mounting system and the other world-class products we supply from this manufacturer on the portal today.