SegenSolar’s unrivalled commercial services

As well as being a wholesaler and distributor of top-quality solar equipment for South Africa and the SADC regions, SegenSolar supplies a range of equipment to both residential and medium- to large-scale commercial installers.

The team ensures its services are tailored to and appropriate for each market and prides itself on offering a holistic service to all its customers.

Top tips for installers 

In the latest blog, SegenSolar and Solis partnered up to delve into the differences between a commercial and residential PV installation. The construction and operation of commercial systems rely on significant investment, and SegenSolar is on-hand to assist from start to finish.

SegenSolar recommends following the eight-point plan for any commercial project:

  1. Feasibility analysis. This includes site selection and any technical surveys.
  2. An outline of system design. What are the essential factors for the commercial client?
  3. Business plan. Take account of the estimated ROI and financing of the project.
  4. Complete PV design and agree on the full system.
  5. Do you have grid-connection permission?
  6. Finalise your supplier and products with a bill of materials.
  7. Installation and commissioning. Have you voiced time frames of testing and construction?
  8. Operation and maintenance. Have you discussed long-term plans?

An accurate selection of products is crucial for ensuring high performance and longevity of any PV installation — particularly medium- and large-scale ones. It is critical to consider the bankability, efficiency, price and warranty of every component. Monitoring a commercial project’s performance closely is also vital.

What’s more, you should never underestimate the importance of incorporating surge protection into every PV installation, no matter what the size. Did you know there are more than seven lightning strikes a year per km2 in the Gauteng region alone? As such, a large solar installation is likely to be struck. As a solar array is connected to the electrical equipment within a building, a surge from a lightning strike could cause irreversible damage to power supply systems, IT and telecommunications and all ventilation systems. It is, therefore, imperative to safeguard your solar project with DC protection boxes. From SegenSolar, these come pre-assembled for ultimate peace of mind.

Why choose SegenSolar for your commercial project? 

Unlike many solar wholesalers, there is a team of PV experts at SegenSolar dedicated to commercial projects. Each member of this team has a wealth of technical and sales knowledge to progress projects as seamlessly as possible.

The team offers a comprehensive portfolio of products unmatched by any other wholesaler. As well as individual items, you can purchase an expertly compiled commercial PV package for a discount and guaranteed product compatibility.

The commercial aspect of solar offers more opportunity to create a bespoke system with pricing specific to each project depending on scale, the number of products used and time. If required, SegenSolar is happy to support you wherever necessary in your commercial system to ensure the project runs smoothly and is completed to a high standard.

And lastly: have you used Quick Quote? This is SegenSolar’s unique online software which helps installers design a bespoke PV system in a matter of seconds.

Are you an installer looking for guidance on your next commercial project? Get in touch with a member of the team today.