Superior compatibility with Solis

Inverter manufacturer Solis offers high-performance PV products for the global solar market. These products are versatile, adaptable and recognised around the world as some of the most reliable pieces of equipment for any solar project.

Suitable for both residential and commercial installations, Solis offers a broad portfolio for every solar need.

What’s more, Solis’ inverters are compatible with products from a variety of leading PV manufacturers such as Pylontech and JA Solar. As such, Solis offers one less stress as you can be sure to find an effortless match when designing any system.

Compatibility? Check. 

SegenSolar is incredibly proud to have such a strong partnership and ongoing relationship with Solis. Something the team admires about Solis’ products is the ease of pairing any Solis inverter with products from other leading PV brands. For example, Pylontech batteries integrate seamlessly with Solis’ hybrid inverter range for the perfect energy storage solution for large- or small-scale projects. This effortless combination saves time for installers and makes the installation process simpler and more efficient.

To ensure installers do not miss out, SegenSolar has worked with Solis to compile various expertly matched product packages on the customer portal. These include pairings with JA Solar’s all-new Mono PERC modules, the KODAK L1 Battery and much more. You can also find these packages when designing a new system using the free Quick Quote tool to ensure maximum discounts.

The new world of webinars 

COVID-19 has disrupted every market around the world. Each sector has needed to adapt to the new climate and respond quickly. Solis was no exception to the thousands of companies in a compromising position as it recovers from the impact of the illness. However, it has come out the other side arguably stronger than before with the introduction of webinars both independently and via SegenSolar.

Throughout the bizarre period of lockdown in South Africa, SegenSolar has been collaborating with Solis to host online training sessions. James Frank, Solis’ solar expert in South Africa, has worked extremely hard to create and deliver in-depth, technical content about Solis’ inverters for the local installer market. Not only are the webinars free to attend, but they are also interactive and recorded for those who are unable to make the allocated time.

The webinars were initially a like-for-like replacement of the face-to-face events. However, due to their unprecedented success throughout the rollout, SegenSolar hopes to continue offering this kind of training as supplementary for the installers who perhaps cannot attend the in-person sessions.

Learn more about SegenSolar’s webinars and the impact they have had.

Do you want to know more about the all-round solutions SegenSolar has to offer with Solis? Sign up to the customer portal or reach out and contact a member of the team today. Alternatively, learn more about Solis’ outstanding offering in South Africa.