Start the year with Solis’ new products

Like many of us, Solis departed 2022 with big hopes for the year ahead — promising a bigger and better 12 months than ever before. And if this month is anything to go by, it looks like they were right!

Just a few weeks into January, this top-name manufacturer has expanded its already expansive portfolio with two more products: the S5 single-phase hybrid 6 kW inverter and data-logging stick.

So, if you are keen to find out more about Solis’ latest releases, read on…

An upgraded Solis S5 inverter

The Series 5, or, as it is more commonly known, the S5 range, is one of Solis’ most popular product lines.

Comprising a selection of top-notch inverters, each model in the S5 range offers all-around excellence — whether that is in terms of power output or safety.

S5 inverters are largely defined by their high maximum efficiencies of up to 98.7%, which ensure customers get the most out of their solar power supply for top cost savings and sustainability credentials. These inverters also come with enhanced protection measures, including AFCI protection and IP66 rating for reduced fire risk.

Now, the new S5 model benefits from all this and more!

Various improvements expand on the capabilities of this inverter’s predecessors, including a better LCD display, upgraded DC arc-fault protection and simplified installation on all input connections.

This new product also comes with a higher input current of 15 A, compared to the previous 11 A input current, which means larger panels can be integrated into the PV system — making for an even more powerful solar energy supply.

Installers will love the new S5 inverter for its dual MPPT, which allows for up to 8 kW total solar array with different roof faces, and multiple configuration options, facilitating 24-hour maximum self-consumption in various working modes.

Other benefits include the 5-year warranty (extendable to 10 years), remote firmware upgrade capability and around-the-clock energy management enabled by the Solis accessories, like the new data logging stick.

The new Solis data logging stick

Solis boasts a series of intelligent communication tools that can be used to transmit important information about PV system performance, preventing any system flaws or faults from interfering with the quality of energy supplies.

This manufacturer’s new generation of data logging sticks can be ordered with touch-safe, plug-and-play four-pin connectors or standard USB connectors, and come with a 2-year warranty as standard.

The new Wi-Fi-LAN stick is suitable for areas covered by a Wi-Fi network where a hardware connection to the router is preferred.

With plug-and-play connection and LED status indicators for power, network and inverter communication, this product is a must-have for convenient system monitoring.

Installers will be glad to hear that the new and improved data logging stick offers faster, more reliable data collection than previous models, as information is uploaded directly to SolisCloud.

SolisCloud is Solis’ dedicated data management platform giving users access to real-time PV system insights, with in-depth analysis tools for complete understanding and control over energy supply.

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