Solis: ultra reliable PV solutions

As the inverter is the heart of any PV system, it is crucial to choose one you can trust.

Over the past 17 years in the string inverter industry, Solis has earned its market-leading position. This inverter manufacturer has spent nearly two decades developing the highest quality solar products, constantly pushing for better performance and service.

So, what sets Solis inverters apart?

Proven reliability

Its global standing and customer success are reason enough to believe in the reliability of Solis inverters. But with independent testing, you can know for sure that you are investing in inverters that never falter.

Solis is one of few manufacturers in the solar industry to receive independent testing for its inverters. This speaks volumes about the brand’s confidence in its product offering.

The Solis inverters undergo stress testing — judged on their ability to endure extreme temperature, humidity, wind, sand, rain and salt spray — to verify that they are equipped to withstand any potentially damaging environmental conditions prior to release.

By gaining objective feedback on how its products perform before they are available to installers, independent testing ensures Solis products perform as intended.

Solis’ extensive environmental testing shines through its portfolio of inverters, equipped with a range of features that reinforce the durability and lifespan of its products.

Key features of the Solis product range

Solis inverters also owe their reliability to a range of protective measures. As various weather conditions can compromise the performance of your inverter, and thus, your system, these features are pivotal to a long-lasting application.

Single-board concentration facilitates careful adaptation to temperature changes, and coating protection increases the application’s resistance. An internal fan allows for effective air circulation, regulating the inside temperature of the inverter to prevent overheating — an essential addition for warm climates.

Solis accessories

What’s more, a comprehensive monitoring system is key to maintaining a safe and efficient system — and Solis accessories make it easy.

A selection of Solis accessories is available for monitoring your PV system. These products are at the forefront of innovative solar solutions, employing intelligent technology to make it straightforward and convenient to keep on top of your renewable energy supply.

Export Power Manager

The Export Power Manager is a compact device designed to simplify energy management for residential and commercial systems. The Solis EPM 5G and Solis EPM 5G Plus are available on the SegenSolar portal now.

These products boast active power limitation and control at the grid-connection point and the ability to adjust export values to meet local network regulations. Whilst easy commissioning is facilitated by the PV System Set-Up Assistant, users also benefit from automatic load control with up to 80 Solis inverters.

The Solis EPM 5G Plus has a flexible design, with several standardised meter interfaces and individual specifications for controllable appliances.

For even better PV system monitoring, connect the Export Power Manager with the SolisCloud monitoring platform.


For the most intelligent PV monitoring system, choose SolisCloud. This app, available for iOS and Android, allows users to monitor their supply from mobile devices — offering maximum convenience.

With real-time data and an intelligent alarm system, SolisCloud is capable of notifying users of any faults and proactively recommending repairs. This streamlines product maintenance, helping both customers and installers. In-depth analysis tools, like smart IV curve scanning, also capture the system’s overall health.

SolisCloud can be used with multiple system components, including the Export Power Manager, inverters and weather stations.

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