Solis Training Events

Installers may be aware SegenSolar and Solis have been hosting various training events over recent months. The events have been full-day, inverter-focussed sessions attended by upwards of 50 installers. James Frank, Solis’ country manager for South Africa, capably delivers the technical information about Solis inverters. All in all, the sessions have been very positive.

Benefits of in-person training 

The teams at SegenSolar and Solis firmly believe that in-person, hands-on training is the most effective way to teach installers about Solis inverters.

The dynamic relationship between James and the installers is crucial, as the richness of information is not only heard but also seen and felt. This sort of sensory experience is often lost when training takes place online, and face-to-face training adds a personal element to these workshops.

In today’s modern age, it is easy for trainers and corporations to offer online courses to those who are keen to learn more about their area of expertise or interest. However, it is much easier for learners’ concentration to slip and for them to click through the virtual training without thoroughly absorbing the information.

Physical interaction is still one of the best ways to learn, as it allows for relationships to develop not only between teacher and learner but also between those training together. Moreover, the personal aspect of this type of training means installers can ask questions and receive an immediate response, evading concerns of misinterpretation.

Confidence to transition to commercial 

The product focus of these events has been the three-phase commercial inverters. These are larger and slightly more complex to install, but with James’ guidance and a series of hands-on product demonstrations, installers have stated they now feel more confident and capable with these products.

To date, turnout at the events has consisted predominantly of residential installers. SegenSolar and Solis want to give these installers the confidence to transition from fitting purely residential systems to more substantial industrial projects. Undertaking commercial installations can be daunting when not equipped with proper training; however, the responses have been exceptionally positive in this regard. Installers note they feel more proficient and competent with larger systems and are consequently able to secure more projects across the country.

SegenSolar and Solis are delighted to offer continued support going forward to guarantee installers have the required knowledge to install commercial systems confidently. The team wants to be an integral part of the transition from solely residential to both industrial and domestic-level installations.

VIP events 

As well as the general technical workshops available to all installers, SegenSolar and Solis have been running several exclusive inverter training events for a handful of commercial EPC customers.

The half-day sessions are considered more prestigious and are hosted at SegenSolar’s tech lab in Johannesburg, where the experts test hundreds of pieces of solar equipment each day. These events offer in-depth, thorough information about Solis inverters, and it has been necessary to place restrictions on attendee numbers to guarantee each installer leaves feeling they have understood everything fully.

Installers benefit from comprehensive guidance on the dos and don’ts of inverter installation, which they reported as particularly useful.

The experts cover the more niche, complex areas of Solis commercial inverters such as commissioning, diesel generator integration and inverter protection. Further, a comprehensive question-and-answer session takes place with Solis’ very own James Frank at the end of the practical training. James has an invaluable understanding of Solis products and addresses all queries about the intricate, three-phase inverters during these productive sessions.

A host of advantages

Feedback received from attendees also indicates the information provided on minimum regulatory requirements was very beneficial. Given that roughly 50 new installers are working in South Africa each month, SegenSolar and Solis firmly believe it is essential for every installer to have a good understanding of the regulations in place.

These training days are also a fantastic opportunity for installers to get to know one another and network within the industry. Being among other experts means professionals can share knowledge between themselves, too.

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