Solis: Tested PV solutions

Every PV manufacturer wants to showcase its offering as the best in the renewable energy business. Each solar product has a unique set of selling points that set it aside from its similar counterparts — whether cost, efficiency or ease of installation.

But if everyone is shouting about their products being the best, how do you distinguish which solutions are truly top-tier?

Enter: independent testing!

Independent testing – what are the benefits?

Receiving certification from an external industry body with no ulterior interests in a manufacturer’s products is arguably the best way to validate a company’s claims about its products. Independent testing gives inverter buyers an opportunity to consider empirical data over the claims of any marketing materials.

Solis is one of few manufacturers to submit its inverters for independent testing. Solis’ confidence in its solutions and willingness to get an independent body to review its products is a testament to the quality of its inverters.

Particularly for commercial projects, it is not always enough to assume that the products will function as expected. The potential consequences of a faulty inverter in a large-scale system could be detrimental. So, independent testing is an excellent way to ensure your chosen solar equipment is reliable and will not let you down when you need power most.

Solis’ hero commercial inverters

Solis’ solar product portfolio is varied and versatile. The company offers a variety of three-phase inverters of different shapes and sizes to suit all kinds of commercial projects.

For smaller commercial installations, we recommend the 10kW high-voltage three-phase inverter from Solis. This product is from Solis’ iconic fifth-generation inverter range and offers an outstanding efficiency of 98.4%. The 10kW inverter also has two MPPTs for enhanced control and three separate operating modes (self-consumption, time-of-use and off-grid) to suit a variety of sites.

What’s more, this product ensures AC back-up for up to 10kW of continuous power as well as 16kVA of peak power.

No large-scale commercial project is complete without a solution from Solis’ comprehensive three-phase range.

The 80kW inverter is the ultimate commercial inverter from Solis that offers exceptional value for money and top-of-the-range efficiencies. In fact, this model has been independently certified to provide a maximum efficiency of 99%!

And last but certainly not least, we recommend the Solis 110kW three-phase inverter for all commercial projects in South Africa. What sets this inverter aside is that it has both Type I and Type II surge protection, meaning it offers in-built protection from lightning strikes. As electric storms are prevalent in South Africa (particularly in the highveld region), it is essential to protect solar equipment from lightning strikes. A direct hit could cause irreversible damage to the PV system or even result in an electrical fire!

The 110kW inverter offers 10 MPPTs for unmatched control and efficiency as well as for lower mismatch loss. What’s more, this product is the best value for money commercial inverter that we offer on the SegenSolar portal.

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