Solis’ specialist inverter for South Africa

Having a good rapport with product manufacturers is crucial for any solar distributor. A healthy relationship based on trust and communication allows bespoke products to be developed in line with the specific needs of the local market.

Discover more about SegenSolar’s relationship with internationally renowned inverter manufacturer Ginlong Solis, and find out what their relationship means for commercial customers in South Africa…

Susceptible to lightning strikes 

The population of Southern Africa is at a heightened risk of being struck by lightning. With more than 200 deaths occurring annually from lightning strikes in South Africa alone, this country has one of the highest incidences of lightning-related injuries and fatalities in the world.

Equally, buildings in Southern Africa are at a high risk of lightning strikes, which is only amplified further when solar panels are fitted to the rooftop. Owing to their large surface area and exposed placements, photovoltaic (PV) panels act as antennas and attract the lightning during an electric storm. If struck by lightning, a PV system will sustain significant damage to all components.

It is, therefore, imperative that all solar projects in Sub-Saharan Africa are equipped with a form of surge protection. Surge protection often comes in the form of a DC protection box — an additional component to the PV system. This component is, in fact, mandatory for all residential and commercial PV systems in South Africa.

While surge protection traditionally comes in the form of a separate box, innovation in solar technology means DC protection, among other features, is becoming increasingly integrated into inverters for a smooth, hassle-free installation.

Take Solis’ 60kW Three-Phase Commercial Inverter, for example.

A unique approach 

Solis has been creating innovative and powerful solar products for the wider PV market since 2005. Since the partnership between SegenSolar and Solis began, the relationship has flourished, and SegenSolar is currently the sole distributor of Solis products in South Africa. What’s more, the two companies have worked to cater to the needs of the local South African market leading to the creation of the 60kW Commercial Inverter.

This product was designed specifically for the South African market. In the knowledge that solar-equipped buildings in South Africa are at an increased risk of being struck by lightning, the 60kW Inverter is fitted with Type I and Type II DC surge protection — a feature unique to this product.

It is standard for an inverter to have Type II inbuilt. However, Solis has gone above and beyond to create a device with combined surge protection for local customers.

The product meets the requirements of a simple, low-cost installation where a quad MPPT inverter is needed. With 99% efficiency, intelligent fan cooling, a wide input voltage range and compatibility with high-power modules, the 60kW inverter is the perfect product for any commercial installation.

Products you can count on

As well as listening to the needs of its customers and responding accordingly, Solis has gone from strength to strength in the global inverter market over recent years.

Not only did Solis receive the EuPD Top Inverter award for three years running, but it was also ranked third among Asian inverter brands for bankability by BloombergNEF and saw its strongest quarter ever in Q3 of 2019.

SegenSolar is delighted to continue working closely with Solis to supply the South African market with top-quality, reliable and progressive products.

Discover Solis’ 60kW Commercial Inverter now or explore the range of inverters and monitoring devices available for every application.