Solis shines at Intersolar

Intersolar is the world’s leading solar exhibition, uniting manufacturers, suppliers and project planners with customers to rejoice in all things solar. After COVID-19 protocols prevented face-to-face events from taking place last year, the return of Intersolar for 2022 saw a particularly warm welcome from companies and customers around the world.

Held in Messe München, Germany from 11–13 May 2022, Intersolar 2022 presented a long-awaited opportunity to celebrate and introduce new product developments that support the exhibition’s main goal: to promote a sustainable future supported by renewable energy.

Solis was amongst many other leading solar brands to attend the event and announce the release of some exciting new solar products.

New Solis inverters

Solis showcased three new sixth-generation storage inverters at Intersolar 2022.

Informed by in-depth market analysis, these applications are designed to meet the current demands of the solar market — with enhanced flexibility, safety and reliability combine with the same outstanding performance expected from Solis products.

The first of the three inverters, the S5-EO1P (4-5) K-48 series off-grid inverter, is suitable for areas with no power, like remote off-grid locations and those that struggle with an unstable or unreliable power supply — presenting an ideal solution to the issues caused by load shedding. Compact and lightweight, with an aesthetically pleasing design, this inverter is an attractive component for all PV systems.

The S6-EH1P (3-6) K-L is the second inverter from the new range and makes an ideal addition to small to medium commercial systems. With up to 16A of MPPT current and a 1.6 DC:AC ratio, this inverter minimises power losses for a cost-effective and highly efficient — and, thus, environmentally friendly — system.

Finally, Solis also presented the S6-EH3P (5-10) K-H. Also suitable for small-medium commercial energy systems, this inverter supports unbalanced and half-wave loads on the grid and backup ports, ensuring safe, stable power at all times.

All the inverters mentioned above support parallel operation of up to 10 units, allowing expansion in line with changing energy needs, and are compatible with batteries from a wide range of solar brands, making for a truly flexible PV system.

The Solis ethos

Solis’ attendance at Intersolar 2022 — and the release of the new six-phase inverters — marks a significant milestone in the manufacturer’s expansion into the green energy sector.

By attending to today’s energy demands, Solis can fulfil its underlying goal of providing the world with the means to reach a sustainable future — a motivation that has underpinned all of Solis’ award-winning products.

Having held a secure foothold in the PV industry since 2005, Solis is one of the world’s largest and most experienced inverter manufacturers. Solis’ entire offering is reliable and built to last with a focus on delivering comprehensive solar solutions — from accessories like the Export Power Manager to the intelligent SolisCloud monitoring platform — for homes, businesses and power plants.

The manufacturer has also been named Top Inverter Brand for 2022 by EUPD Research for seven consecutive years — a prestigious title that is awarded after a thorough analysis of a brand’s ethos and performance. Only through a continuous commitment to product-centred engineering, exceptional customer service and innovation is Solis able to maintain this impressive standing.

Even more cutting-edge products are to be expected from this outstanding inverter manufacturer as its portfolio grows.

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