Solis S5 range and accessories: a complete overview

Solis is a customer favourite for a number of reasons. Not only is this manufacturer amongst the most experienced in the industry, having begun producing high-quality solar energy solutions in 2005, but it is also one of the most knowledgeable — with unparalleled expertise in string inverter technology.

This know-how has allowed Solis to develop several exceptional PV inverter collections, the most recent being the S5 range.

Solis’ S5 inverters

The Solis S5 range comprises a vast selection of three-phase inverters, each equipped with top-of-the-range features for the best possible power supply.

Firstly, each S5 inverter is highly efficient, with the top models reaching efficiency rates of 98.7%. This maximises the benefits that attract most customers to solar power, cost-effectiveness and environmental impact, resulting in a highly attractive product range for any size installation.

S5 inverters are also equipped with enhanced safety features. Type-II over-voltage surge protection for DC and AC, integrated arc-fault circuit protection and DC reverse polarity protection lower the risk of component damage, helping to prolong the life (and sustainability) of the system. Plus, the S5 inverters are all IP66 rated — meaning they are dust-tight and highly water resistant, so they can perform in harsh environmental conditions.

These protective measures reassure customers that their inverters will stand the test of time, consolidated with the five-year standard warranty that can be extended to 20 years.

The range spans from the smallest 6 kW model to the biggest 60 kW model, which can all be used alongside one of Solis’ best-known accessories: the Export Power Manager.

The Solis Export Power Manager

The Export Power Manager gives users visibility over important system data through an LCD interface.

In doing so, this device allows users to adjust export values to meet local network requirements — helping to ensure energy consumption is efficient and compliant in residential and commercial systems.

Two versions of the Export Power Manager are available, the EPM 5G and EPM 5G Plus, which can be used with up to 80 inverters.

We recommend that these products are used alongside the Solis data logging sticks for optimised system maintenance.

Solis’ data logging sticks

Solis offers three different data logging sticks, the wired LAN stick, the Wi-Fi stick and the third-generation Wi-Fi stick, a faster, more responsive version of the previous models.

These devices are equipped with a touch-safe four-pin connector, allowing for straightforward connection via the plug-in port. The data sticks also come with a status indicator to display the working status and feature a reset button for fuss-free usage.

One data stick can connect as many as 10 inverters to Solis’ innovative monitoring platform: SolisCloud.


SolisCloud is, as the name suggests, a cloud-based data platform that facilitates convenient remote smartphone monitoring via iOS and Android mobile apps.

This platform offers the best innovative maintenance technology, such as Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis, which helps provide a comprehensive system health report.

Thanks to SolisCloud, users can see information about their PV systems in real-time, allowing them to check for faults should performance falter. The SolisCloud can also notify users of such faults, so no problem goes unnoticed, and recommends the actions to fix them — helping installers conduct prompt and accurate repairs!

Such an innovative solution evidences Solis’ commitment to keeping up with technology advancements to improve its offering, something we can expect to see again with its future product lines.

Another Solis inverter range

Solis’ dedication to cutting-edge solar products will come to fruition once again in the new year, as this manufacturer releases another range of inverters.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates…

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