Solis’ journey to success

Last year in 2019, Solis saw one of its most successful years to date. With an abundance of awards and a steady climb in the company’s reputation, Solis was set to achieve bigger and better as 2020 rolled over.

Yet, like all businesses around the globe, the outbreak of COVID-19 interrupted this growth. As a Chinese company, Solis felt the impact of the illness immediately on production and sales. However, the way Solis has bounced back from COVID-19 is unbelievable.

More importantly, the virus has allowed Solis employees around the world to come together and give back to the local communities most affected. In February of this year, Solis sent life-saving materials and daily necessities to the virus prevention and control staff working long night shifts. Solis employees reportedly offered some cheerful company to those working to overcome the pandemic.

It should come as no surprise to learn SegenSolar is prouder than ever to work with the fantastic team.

Humble beginnings…

Formed in 2005, Solis is one of the world’s oldest inverter manufacturers. The company has consistently taken steps to manufacture with innovation and in keeping with market trends ever since. The Solis product range has the benefit of years of technical development and improvement resulting from the experience and determination of the Solis engineers to produce the very best inverters.

The Solis inverters are engineered to offer the most reliable performance available. They are not only functional and practical but also to be contemporary and easy to install. What’s more, all Solis products have a minimum five-year warranty, meaning the experts have full confidence in the durability and dependability of the inverters.

…to exceptional awards

SegenSolar is by no means the only company to recognise Solis’ recent progress and contribution to the sustainable power movement. Its inverters have even been installed on the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

Over four years from 2016 to 2019, Solis was awarded the Top PV Brand award by EuPD Research — a world-famous photovoltaic authority research organisation. Solis was selected thanks to its product reliability and ability to cater to market demands while remaining in line with the strict product requirements demanded by universal quality standards.

Later in 2019, Solis was ranked third by BloombergNEF among Asian inverter brands. With a team of experts from six continents, BloombergNEF is a global name and works to identify key industry trends for adequate forecasting based on accurate, in-depth data.

This particular survey asked banks, developers and technical due diligence firms which brands, out of 48 module manufacturers and 17 inverter manufacturers, they considered bankable, and Solis came out third among Asian manufacturers!

The company also recognised it had its strongest quarter ever in 2019 with sales surpassing all expectations and simultaneously became the only company in the world listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with PV string inverters as its main business — a true accolade to Solis’ unique business model and work ethic.

2020 saw Solis receive the ‘Green Factory’ title in the Ningbo Municipality in March of this year. This award recognises Solis’ high level of sustainable manufacturing systems and intelligent processes implemented across its manufacturing facilities. Solis’ employment of various environmental concepts and regular training with its staff were recognised and praised, too.

In the thick of the global pandemic, Solis announced its plans to raise over $100m USD to double its production capacity, driven by a staggering demand for the company’s ultra-reliable products. The expansion of a new corporate campus will not only create jobs at a time where employment opportunities are scarce but will also add to its R&D capabilities thanks to the construction of new, state-of-the-art facilities.

Later in July, Solis won the prestigious ‘All Quality Matters’ award from TÜV Rheinland. Solis was presented with this award based on the reliability and quality of its inverters (its new fifth-generation commercial range in particular).  The 25–50kW fifth-gen inverter range was commended for its stable input capability, power quality, thermal stability and output capability. These inverters have even been labelled as the ‘trusted choice for commercial and industrial distributed photovoltaic quality’. TÜV Rheinland is an influential authority within the PV industry as it offers testing, certification and technical safety evaluation of various electronic equipment.

As such, it’s clear to see Solis has been taking enormous steps towards becoming one of — if not the best — inverter manufacturers in the world.

Discover renewable solutions from Solis today and take the first step towards a more sustainable future. Get in touch with a member of the team if you are a solar installer keen to learn more.