Solis’ Global Case Studies

It is all very well talking about Solis’ PV inverters and their capabilities. But if you have never installed one before, how can you trust their reliability? How do you know that they are bankable for your or your clients’ solar installations?


Solis’ inverters have been installed in various locations worldwide, trusted by international corporations to supply clean, consistent energy to small and large sites.

A world of opportunity

Each year, Solis continues to position itself as a key player in the PV industry, supplying its single and three-phase inverter solutions to support some of the world’s most important renewable projects. By driving innovation and upgrading its products regularly, Solis is able to cater to more applications than ever, enabling distributed solar to reach new heights.

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

Did you know Solis’ inverters were used at this year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing?

The new Mountain Press Centre in the Yanqing competition zone is equipped with a solar PV installation, staging the alpine skiing events as well as the bobsled, luge and skeleton. The project’s installed capacity is 128kW, with an annual power generation of 140,000kWh, offsetting roughly 90 tonnes of CO2 every year.

The project uses Solis’ 4G 70kW grid-tied inverters, meaning any excess power can be sold back to the grid. Double-glass PV modules are installed over the media hall, acting as a skylight, simultaneously lighting the room and generating clean power.

Warehouse for UK plastics manufacturer

In 2021, Solis worked with UK renewable energy company Engenera to install a rooftop PV plant for Faerch Plast, a plastics manufacturer. This 2MW project uses Solis’ 110kW three-phase inverters and over 4,000 solar PV modules, making it a truly impressive installation.

The project unlocks over £80,000 of annual electricity savings for Faerch Plast — all whilst enabling the business to reduce its carbon footprint. In fact, Faerch Plast has confirmed that it is now able to use 100% renewable energy across the whole Group.

During the tender process for this project, Solis stood out as the most bankable manufacturer, offering products that are reliable, have good grid connectivity and provide design flexibility thanks to the 110kW inverter’s multiple MPPTs. This inverter was designed specifically for commercial rooftop applications, integrating Solis’ fifth-generation technology and market-leading components to deliver world-class efficiency and performance to realise the customer’s ROI.

Eiffel Tower

Perhaps Solis’ most notable claim to fame is its project at the Eiffel Tower landmark in Paris, France.

This 10kW installation provides electricity for two sets of UGE wind turbine systems on the Eiffel Tower — a perfect example of when two different kinds of renewable energy can work together harmoniously.

The turbines produce 10,000kWh of electricity each year, offsetting the annual energy consumption of all commercial activity on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower.

Carbon-neutral petrol station

Solis’ inverters have been used at the first carbon-neutral petrol station built and run by Sinopec: a Chinese oil and gas enterprise based in Beijing.

Based in Guanxi, China, the project is an enormous breakthrough for renewable technology in the application of distributed solar power generation. LONGi solar panels are installed on the station’s canopy, extending its service life by up to 25 years! The installation generates an estimated 91,000kWh of renewable energy each year, with more than 10,000kWh of surplus supplied back to the grid — enough to meet the annual power demands of more than 12 households. What’s more, the project will save 81.5 tonnes of yearly carbon emissions from the petrol station itself.

Sinopec is building 160 photovoltaic power stations across China and plans to build 7,000 distributed solar power stations as part of a five-year plan. Solis intends to support Sinopec in its mission to develop greener, cleaner petrol stations to support a more sustainable future.

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