Solis’ ever-expanding portfolio  

A number of manufacturers stocked by SegenSolar pledged to deliver bigger and better products in 2023, hoping to answer calls for dynamic solutions to suit a growing population of home and business owners desperate for a reliable, renewable power supply — including Solis. 

 And if one thing is for sure, this award-winning string inverter manufacturer has stayed true to its promises! 

We have proudly welcomed a series of Solis’ new releases to our portal since the start of the new year, in line with our commitment to providing an unparalleled supply of solar products to installers across South Africa. 

But we are not stopping there. 

To ensure our customers stay up to date with Solis’ portfolio, which has expanded significantly in the last few months, we are running you through its new inverters, as well as their key benefits. 

The S6 range 

Solis’ largest launch of the year so far was undeniably the new and improved S6 range, which saw the manufacturer introduce four mini models and two new standard-sized models to an inverter collection that installers know and love.  

These models were designed to improve on the capabilities of the previous models, boasting improved PV string currents and improved DC/AC ratios to support higher wattage panels and enable installers to provide customers with more powerful solar energy supplies. And they offer many new perks of their own, too. 

For example, each model comes with a wide voltage range and ultra-low start-up voltage, enabling longer operation times. They also offer super high-frequency switching technology, a 600V maximum panel configuration and a dual MPPT design — all installers need to boost residential energy supplies. 

Plus, as is to be expected from Solis, the new S6 models feature a built-in export power manager (EPM), integrated DC arc-fault circuit protection (AFCI) and a DC switch to allow users to adjust export values to satisfy local network requirements and maintain system safety at all times. 

These inverters also benefit from around-the-clock energy management and remote firmware upgrades and have a five-year standard warranty that is extendable up to 20 years! 

Luckily for installers, these impressive features are mimicked in the other products Solis has released this year. 

The new 6kW S5 inverter 

Solis introduced us to the newest member of its hugely popular S5 range, the 6kW hybrid inverter, at the start of the year — and it certainly made a welcome addition to its portfolio. 

Offering all the hallmarks of the S5 inverters, such as high efficiencies and enhanced safety features, this improved model also comes with an improved user interface, upgraded integrated AFCI protection, a higher PV input current, a 5kW output in backup mode and simplified installation on all input connections.  

To add to this long list of benefits, this inverter is also configurable in multiple working modes for maximum self-consumption and has multiple configuration options, numerous working modes and dual MPPT — all of which ensure an amplified solar power supply. 

The new 6kW S5 model can also be monitored remotely and comes with a five-year warranty, which can be extended to 10 years! 

 And if that was not enough to impress installers, it is compatible with some of our customers’ favourite batteries: the Pylontech US2000C, US3000C and UP5000 and Freedom Won Lite Home and Lite Business models.  

Solis has not reserved improvements and upgrades for its inverters, either. Its accessory line also witnessed a revamp at the start of the year…  

The WiFi-LAN data logging stick  

Solis released a new data logging stick alongside the new 6kW S5 inverter as 2023 began, allowing installers to receive faster, more reliable PV system data and keep system faults at bay. 

This new accessory is suitable for areas covered by Wi-Fi or LAN signals and facilitates quick and easy ‘plug-and-play’ installation. Product maintenance is also just as convenient, thanks to LED status indicators and a handy reset button. 

What’s more, the four-pin connector permits communications between all Solis inverters. So, inverters can use this nifty product to connect this manufacturer’s new releases to the SolisCloud: Solis’ dedicated monitoring platform, which offers accurate fault alarm messaging, repair recommendations, IV curve scanning and more… 

Installers will also be pleased to know that another new Solis product is on the horizon, and there is an opportunity to get a first glimpse at it at The Solar Show Africa 2023 this April. Register your attendance today — and be sure to watch Solis’ presentation at stand B90 when the event rolls around… 

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