Championing commercial case studies with Solis

Introducing Solis case studies!  

SegenSolar is delighted to offer detailed information about real-life installations using Solis’ssuperior solar inverters. You can find this new information section on the SegenSolar portal.  

The case studies will follow a general format offering details on:  

  • Project size in kWp 
  • Solution type (grid-tied or off-grid)   
  • Mounting structure  
  • Project development (how long to install)   
  • Number of solar panels   
  • Coverage per m2   
  • Panel type  
  • Solis inverters used   

SegenSolar and Solis have worked with SolarAfrica in a series of outstanding commercial installations, generating huge savings and transforming electricity usage at various sites.   

Zibo Containers

Located in Clayville, Olifansfontein, Zibo Containers manufactures rigid plastic containers, predominantly for the food packaging industry.​ The project was funded by SolarAfrica and developed in collaboration with Mi-Green as the Sales Partner and RenEnergy as the EPC. Zibo Containers will save up to 40% on electricity costs which equates to a ​R1 000 000 saving on electricity every year. The company will save up to R42 000 000 over the lifetime of their solar services agreement with SolarAfrica. 

This project used 16 60kW fourth-gen (4G) Solis inverters and 1 x 40kW fourth-gen (4G) products. The installation was developed over three months and covers 6,561.09m2

Zibo Containers – Clayville – RenEnergy

Sunrise View

Sunrise View is a Retirement Village located in Rietvalleirand, Pretoria. The project was funded by SolarAfrica and built by Jager Technologies as the EPC. ​Sunrise View will save up to R77 000 on electricity annually, and up to R4 200 000 across the solar services agreement with SolarAfrica. Additionally, 203 tonnes of CO2 and 5,046 bags (25kg) of coal will be saved thanks to this project.  

This product was installed over one month and features 2 x Solis 60kW fourth-gen (4G) inverters, covering 715.78m2 

Birch Acres Square

Birch Acres Square is a newly built shopping mall located just north of Kempton Park in Tembisa, Johannesburg. The project was funded by SolarAfrica and built by Solec Electrical Contractors. Birch Acres Square will save up to R400 000 in the first year which is a 40% saving on electricity costs and will equate to around R16 500 000 over the lifetime of the solar services agreement with SolarAfrica. ​

Installed over two months, this project covers 3,214.08m2 and comprises 9 x Solis’ 60kW fourth-generation (4G) inverters.  

Birch Acres - Solec SA

First-in-class solar services  

If you are looking to develop a medium to large-scale solar project using Solis inverters, SegenSolar is on-hand to assist you. Not only does SegenSolar supply an immense variety of commercial solutions from Solis, but there are several services available to make your project run as smoothly as possible.  

For example, SegenSolar offers an enhanced 48-hour RMA response service (72 hours end-to-end) on Solis inverters. This means any returned Solis inverter is tested, diagnosed and replaced if necessary, within 72 hours of receipt of the all-new digital RMA document and the faulty unit

What’s more, SegenSolar provides a remote set-up support service for first-time commercial installers. Charles Burrows — SegenSolar’s new Commercial Systems Technical Advisor — or James Frank – Solis SA Country Manager – will give you step-by-step guidance so you can feel confident in your installation and continue providing an excellent service.  

In-country support

SegenSolar has a dedicated six-person commercial team available to assist with project development and design input for cost-saving optimisation, offering detailed guidance and expertise on Solis products. 

James Frank is Solis’ in-country solar expert who has day-to-day contact with the SegenSolar team, too. James’ background in management and sales and his hands-on, practical experience in photovoltaic installations means he has a wealth of solar knowhow.  

What’s more, Charles Burrows has recently joined the SegenSolar tech team. Charles is an expert on commercial solar installations and has unmatched knowledge and experience in integrating Solis solutions into large-scale projects. 

  • Charles Burrows – C&I Portfolio Technical Support  
  • James Frank – Solis Country Manager  
  • Paul du Preez – Commercial Manager  
  • Lydia Mugeni – Senior C&I Account Manager  
  • Lebogang Mabitsela – C&I Account Manager  
  • Sisa Xolo – C&I Account Manager  

If you would like SegenSolar to support you with your Solis commercial project, sign up or log in to the portal and contact your Account Manager for more details on how to get started.