Solis: award-winning solar

Solis has been establishing its role in the global PV market since 2005. With more than a decade of experience in solar product manufacturing, SegenSolar can confidently say this brand is amongst some of the best manufacturers on the portal and in the broader solar landscape.

This impressive standing has been consolidated by the brand’s numerous award wins, many of which have given Solis a competitive edge over other well-established industry leaders.

Solis comes out on top

This year has been a particularly great year for Solis.

The brand came second in the Global Inverter Rankings 2022 — an impressive result which comes as no surprise considering Solis’ leading role in the development of the string inverter market. This title was awarded following extensive independent research conducted by prestigious research authority IHS Markit, part of S&P Global, which found that Solis is also in the top three leading distributors of inverters worldwide.

Solis also secured the EUPD Research award for the top PV inverter brand for its seventh consecutive year in 2022. This prestigious award evidences the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding PV solutions, as Solis achieved standout results for its customer service and satisfaction.

Most recently, Solis won the Green Leadership award in Asia’s 2022 Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) for its contribution to long-term development across the green energy sector — a top priority of this year’s award ceremony, with its focus on zero emission, zero waste and zero inequality.

These reputable seals of approval mean customers need never doubt the reliability of Solis products.

Count on Solis products

The Solis name is synonymous with its stellar string inverters, which are known for being high-quality and affordable.

The Solis 5G three-phase hybrid inverters, like the 110 kW model, are equipped with innovative features that make them top-of-the-range products. Type II surge protection for DC and AC and the integrated DC arc-fault circuit protection prevent system damage and help prolong the life of the system, alongside the DC input reverse alarm, which swiftly notifies the user of any system irregularities.

Find more benefits of safety-enhancing features in the equally impressive S5 inverters, like the 30 kW model, with an IP66 rating and a C5 anti-corrosion level for maximum resistance against common causes of damage from atmospheric and environmental conditions and maximum efficiency of 98.7%.

Solis’ innovation does not end with its inverters. This brand goes above and beyond to ensure its customers have safe, secure systems that are easy to maintain and has developed the Export Power Manager and the Export Manager Plus to facilitate convenient remote monitoring. This intelligent device is essential for smart energy monitoring, allowing users to ensure that their systems operate at optimum efficiency at all times.

Simply connect the device to the SolisCloud monitoring platform, which can automatically register systems for the fastest installation time, to see real-time data updates based on in-depth analysis at the touch of a button, allowing for accurate repairs to be made as soon as an error arises.

You can find the Solis product range on the SegenSolar portal today. If you are a solar installer, sign up or log in to access hundreds of different PV products, services and resources.