Solis at The Solar Show

The Solar Show Africa is one of the biggest events in the solar calendar, and, thanks to the support of so many installers and manufactures who attended and presented at the event, it certainly felt like it.

Although the exhibition is over for another year, we would like to take the opportunity to reflect on some of the highlights of The Solar Show Africa 2022 — starting with Solis.

Having been at the front of the PV industry since 2005, Solis is one of the largest and most successful inverter manufacturers in the world. Only through a continuous commitment to product-centredness, exceptional customer service and innovation has Solis been able to maintain this impressive standing, and collect so many awards — including the EUPD Research for Top Inverter Brand for seven consecutive years — along the way.

Solis was our headline sponsor for the Pre-Solar-Show Training Workshop: our dedicated installer training event that took place before the main event, on 22 August 2022. Joined by installers from cross the continent looking to pick up valuable technical information and learn how to use the SegenSolar portal, the Solis team were given a warm welcome by those in attendance.

Solis thoroughly enjoyed speaking with so many of you at the workshop after their presentation, which took a closer look at some new Solis products.



The new Solis S5 range

The Solis S5 range is the manufacturer’s most recent launch and, therefore, was a popular topic of discussion at The Solar Show Africa 2022.

Comprising a selection of high-quality inverters that are all perfect for commercial use, there is a solution for everyone in the new S5 range — with models from 25 kW to 60 kW.

The S5 inverters are equipped with all the innovative features to be expected from a brand-new collection of cutting-edge solar products, including an IP66 rating — the highest level of waterproof protection issued in IP ratings — and C5 anti-corrosion technology, giving these products a very high level of tolerance against high humanity and other environmental stressors.

In terms of functionality, the S5 inverters come with between three and six MPPTs for multiple system orientations. And with an increased input current of 16 A per string, and an increased short circuit current of 25 A per string, they are ultra-powerful, too.

Thanks to the highly durable product components, all S5 inverters are built to last — with a five year warranty and standard, and up to 10 years’ warranty when upgraded, and City of Cape Town approval.

Whilst the S5 range is the newest addition to Solis’ product range, more products are on the horizon…

More from Solis

Solis is currently working on the release of the new S6 inverter range. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates on this exciting launch!

You can find Solis’ products on the SegenSolar portal. If you are an installer, sign up or log in to the portal to access the full selection of solar solutions.