Solis: another win! 

In the rooftop solar world, Solis is synonymous with high-quality string inverters. And with this manufacturer’s track history, there is no need to ask why… 

 Not only has Solis been around since 2005, boasting nearly two decades of experience, but it has also used its time in the industry wisely — refining its operations, pushing for more innovative products and ultimately driving for a bigger, better PV industry. 

 Such admirable efforts have earned the brand countless awards over the years, all of which have helped affirm its position at the front of the inverter sector and, most importantly, reassured its customers that its products are some of the best on the market. 

 So, if you need a reason to invest in Solis’ inverters, catch up with some of its latest achievements — including its eighth consecutive EUPD research win — below… 

Recent recognition  

Solis has had a lifetime of successes in its company history, having previously received accolades such as the ‘All Quality Matters’ award from TÜV Rhineland and the ‘Honourable Award — Technological Achievement’ at the fifth annual Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) awards.  

But 2022 blew all other years out the water. 

This manufacturer accrued a series of prestigious global PV awards in 2022, including the Aria Responsible Enterprise Award (AREA) for ‘Green Leadership’.  

Appropriately focused on net-zero initiatives after a whirlwind year of rising sustainability initiatives, the theme for last year’s AREA ceremony celebrated companies working on reducing carbon emissions and waste — proving that Solis is doing its bit to help the plant and PV industry become ‘greener’.  

Also in 2022, Solis won two heavyweight awards: ‘Sustainability Project of the Year’ and ‘Company of the Year: Operations and Maintenance’ at the Solar Future Awards. The manufacturer was commended for its participation in CO2 reduction initiatives, as well as its widespread innovation and impressive portfolio. 

Moreover, the manufacturer came second in the Global Inverter Rankings 2022 after extensive research by HIS Markit, a part of S&P Global, which also placed Solis in the top three inverter distributors worldwide.  

And then there was the EUPD Research awards… 

Solis has a long history of success with EUPD Research, having been given the title for the ‘Top PV Inverter Brand’ for every year since 2016 — and the 2023 awards were no different! 

The winning streak continues  

EUPD Research is a globally-respected market research organisation with 22 years of experience collecting independent data across more than 50 countries worldwide — having conducted more than 1000,000 interviews since its inception in 2000. 

As such, obtaining an award from this institution is a tremendous honour and provides a prestigious seal of recognition that customers can trust.  

So, when Solis became EUPD Research’s ‘Top PV Inverter Brand’ for the eighth time running in February 2023, it marked another momentous achievement! 

‘How has Solis managed to keep the winning streak for so long?’, you may ask. With its unwavering commitment to innovation, of course! 

Solis has released some of the most cutting-edge products in the last few years, with the most recent of which being the S6 range. 

Boasting standard and mini models, this range features affordable single-phase, grid-tied inverters with capacities ranging from 1kW to 6kW. These models improve on the capabilities of previous models, with higher string currents and DC/AC ratios for superior energy production.  

Plus, because they come with built-in safety features and can be monitored remotely via the Wi-Fi/LAN data logging stick, installers have constant peace of mind in every installation powered by S6 technology. 

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