Solar for commercial with Solis 

Running a business is expensive. Keeping a commercial building powered around the clock is the largest monthly outgoing for many companies.

However, solar significantly reduces spend on electricity. As the abundant energy harnessed from the sun can keep a building sufficiently powered all day, any property fitted with PV will see a considerable drop in utility bills. Once the initial costs of the installation have been settled, the electricity from the panels is completely free.

But is a commercial PV fit-out the same as any other solar project? And which products should be used for a large-scale solar installation?

What are the key characteristics?

A commercial PV installation is similar in many ways to a standard residential system — but bigger. This means more products are required and the components themselves are larger, too.

A medium-sized business needs anywhere from 70 to 200 solar panels to meet its electricity requirements. Of course, the size of the site and the load requirements will affect this figure, but a typical domestic installation requires roughly 30 panels. The beauty of solar is it is scalable, meaning you can create a system specified to your building’s exact requirements. What’s more, commercial-scale PV products are notoriously more durable, require very little maintenance and offer a lifespan of over 20 years.

The rooftop system can be used to keep essential devices powered all day, such as internet routers, air conditioning, fridges and computers. If required, a battery backup system can be installed on a commercial project to keep these critical loads running once the sun has gone down and the panels are no longer producing any electricity.

But is there any measurable benefit in fitting out a large solar project on the roof of your business?

Benefits to businesses

In short, absolutely. Solar contributes to substantial financial savings and offers overall improvements to any business’ economic stability — particularly in an uncertain time.

The last thing any business owner needs is having to worry about whether or not the power is going to stay on when it is needed most. Solar means less spend on monthly electricity bills and that extra time and money can be focussed on running a successful company. On top of this, having a clear sustainable motive and direction will attract customers and improve any business’ reputation, setting it aside from competitors.

The most critical factor of solar is the ability to rely on a dependable power source. South Africa has been experiencing unstable and temperamental electricity supplies for months on end, and these bouts of power outages — known as load shedding — are unlikely to come to an end soon. Solar means any commercial-scale sites can stay operational even when the power is off.

Sizeable solutions from Solis

Solis is one of the solar industry’s leading inverter manufacturers. With its consistent progression and innovation within the sector, Solis offers unmatched PV products to cater to all commercial solar installations with ease.

Solis’ 4G three-phase inverters range from 5kW to 60kW offering over 98.1% efficiency, multiple protection functions and ultra-low start-up voltage as well as Wi-Fi monitoring. These inverters have been tried and trusted globally for years and have a reputation as being exceptionally bankable and reliable.

SegenSolar has recently seen the arrival of the fifth generation of inverter technology from Solis. The all-new 5G range comprises the company’s state-of-the-art, award-winning inverters. These products are ideal for unstable grid conditions, offer over 99% efficiency and are easy to install.

Solis’ inverters can be monitored with a data logging stick and are compatible with Pylontech batteries and commercial solar modules from Canadian Solar. For mounting equipment, choose Renusol as the perfect pairing for Canadian Solar’s bifacial panels.

Commercial PV installations can be straightforward when you choose a dependable manufacturer such as Solis.

Discover unique commercial PV solutions from Solis today. If you are a solar installer, why not sign up to SegenSolar’s exclusive customer portal to discover more?