Sharp’s caseload of solar projects 

Trusted with over 60 years’ experience in the industry, Sharp is a global force among solar brands. The company’s panels are not only dependable and powerful but are also versatile and suitable for use across a range of applications in various countries.  

Sharp’s panels were chosen specifically for the following projects due to their robust design and high performance 

Powering a strawberry farm with solar 

A strawberry farm in Finland was fitted with 180 Sharp 60-cell modules, installed on the metal roofs of the farm buildings. The site was equipped with solar in 2018 — helping to realise the farmer’s vision of reducing the amount of energy purchased from the grid and to give the farm greater energy independence.  

As strawberry is a seasonal fruit, the farm requires extra power support during the summer months. The farmer displayed initial concerns that the Finnish weather would not provide ample power. However, the current system produces 58% more energy than those of a similar size in the region and covers most of the peak load in the summer months. This energy is used to operate the water pumps and storage coolers, and it also supplies the berry pickers’ homes with electricity.  

While it was imperative for the panels to operate well over the warmer season, Finland also sees a great deal of snow during winter. It was, therefore, crucial that Sharp took snow load into account and the panels are currently withstanding the yearly variations in the climate well.  

This renewable energy system has seen increased profitability and a lower carbon footprint while being able to handle the farm’s high energy consumption. The mini solar plant is also paving the way for other farmers to take similar steps to reduce their CO2 emissions.   

Reducing energy costs at a timber company 

In line with Asmar Wood’s values of promoting a sustainable and more eco-friendly future, the company’s new headquarters in Lebanon was fitted with 380 of Sharp’s polycrystalline PV modules. These panels were installed on the corrugated metal roof, taking into account potential expansion of the metal mounting rails when exposed to the country’s high summer temperatures.  

Reliability was the primary concern for the company as it needs a consistent, steady supply of electricity throughout the year. As a consequence of the solar installation, Asmar Wood’s energy costs have decreased by more than 35% annually, and the company is seeing a yearly saving of nearly $20,000.  

Sharp’s panels have been proven to withstand harsh weather conditions and perform well even in demanding climates, and the manufacturer optimises the system to each location. For example, as Asmar Wood’s buildings are located only 5km from the shore, Sharp provided saltsprayresistant panels as unprotected exposure to sea spray can result in reduced performance and damage to the modules.  

Sustainable energy production for a car dealer 

A car dealership, also in Lebanon, took the initiative and had Sharp install 1,016 panels on the rooftop of its car park. These solar panels are not only used to generate a staggering 336 kW of energy for the business, but also to provide the cars with shaded respite from the intense Mediterranean sun.  

To maximise parking spaces for the dealership’s cars, only two beams were used to support the panels. Innovative plans for the installation even included using the panels to charge electric vehicles! With neat cabling, a sleek steel frame and notable professional service, Sharp has delivered a system offering up to $80,000 annual cost savings.  

Uniquely, the system was fitted with a 648kWh battery. The battery acts as a power supply backup to power the business for roughly an hour in the event of power failure, guaranteeing grid stability. This site is located close to the sea too, so the panels used were certified to withstand the ocean’s corrosive salt mist.  

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