Ahead of the solar game with SHARP

SHARP’s solar panels boast an assortment of benefits. This focus on just one solar product has allowed SHARP to develop some of the best modules on the market during its sixty years in the industry. The company’s array of assets includes financial stability, innovative products and one of the most prolific product portfolios in the renewable sector…

SHARP’s sixty-year standing

The solar giant has been in the PV business for 60 years — longer than any of its competitors. With a 25-year linear power output guarantee on all products, the company’s track record speaks for itself. 13.8GW of solar capacity has presently been installed worldwide, and over one million people across the globe are satisfied SHARP customers.

A secure investment

SHARP’s diverse portfolio gives it a competitive advantage. From document solutions to home appliances, the company’s electronics experience sets it aside from other manufacturers. As SHARP’s solar branch is part of an enormous corporation with a strong financial backbone, it should come as no surprise to learn that it surpassed the sales of companies that purely manufacture PV products by tenfold.

What’s more: the brand has a stable place on Bloomberg’s Tier 1 bankability list, and its position on the ranking remains unchanged throughout 2019.

With a 10-year product guarantee for both its polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules, SHARP is proud to offer a 25-year linear power output guarantee for a minimum 80% output even after the 25-year term has come to an end. The warranty starts at delivery and concludes at the end-user with no corners cut in between.

An established product portfolio

Despite being at the very peak of its game, SHARP believes there is always room for improvement. The modules have continued to evolve and increase in efficiency year by year, and the panels have seen a decrease in their temperature coefficients.

The module line-up covers all possible applications. From 48-cell to 72-cell modules, these panels are a one-stop solution for any project. The products have proven to perform exceptionally in all environments, too. On both residential and industrial locations, in the desert or the mountains, performance is never compromised.

When tested, the modules have easily withstood the impact of giant hailstones, as well as repeated pressure changes simulating wind at storm level — going over and above the required IEC testing. SHARP tests are rigorous and are significantly more stringent in parts than the standardised IEC. The company believes standards exist to be exceeded, rather than met.

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