SegenSolar’s optimised off-grid inverter offering

The unreliable nature of South Africa’s national grid means that securing power from an alternative source is an attractive option for many homeowners and business owners.

Solar power offers a renewable, affordable and reliable source of electricity and is particularly suited to the sunny climate of Sub-Saharan Africa. Off-grid solar technology allows users to generate electricity and store it in a battery for later use, avoiding reliance on the grid and becoming 100% self-sufficient. Some homeowners or business owners like to couple their off-grid solar installation with a diesel generator for guaranteed back-up power.

The benefits of going off-grid

Going off-grid in Southern Africa helps you to avoid power outages during periods of load shedding. You can carry on with your day-to-day life without needing to worry whether there will be electricity to do so.

And by installing a solar array at home or at your business, you can drastically bring down your monthly energy bills. While a solar installation is an upfront investment, it pays itself off over its lifetime through savings to electricity bills. Not to mention the incredible environmental impact you will have by relying on renewable energy as your primary power source…

What’s more, an off-grid installation is much easier to fit than a grid-tied PV system, as you do not need to worry about linking up the solar products with the grid. All you need to do is configure the system to your site! As such, off-grid PV is a viable alternative for more rural areas that would be a challenge to connect to the grid.

The energy storage solutions you need

As the largest PV wholesaler and distributor in South Africa, we have a wide variety of products available on our online customer portal from dozens of different solar manufacturers.

Our portfolio of off-grid inverters is rife with solutions from top PV brands — meaning there is a solar solution for every site needing consistent power.


Already a household name, KODAK Solar Products are an affordable, aesthetic renewable solution for residential solar PV systems in Southern Africa.

The KODAK Off-Grid Inverter range is second-to-none, featuring inverters of all shapes and sizes that cater to various user requirements. Each product in the range is easy to install, runs efficiently and runs smoothly as part of an energy storage system.

These inverters are compatible with nearly all PV batteries available on the portal, but we recommend installing them with Giter, Freedom Won, Pylontech or the KODAK own-brand batteries.

Why should you choose KODAK Solar Products?

  • Affordable
  • Three-year warranty that is unique to SegenSolar
  • Benefit from SegenSolar Assured free testing service



Sunsynk’s 5kW and 8kW hybrid inverters are renowned for their ease of monitoring, aesthetic design and notable efficiencies.

You can parallel up to 16 units for larger residential PV systems or even smaller commercial systems in single-phase configuration. These products come with an excellent five-year warranty as standard and are the perfect match with Freedom Won’s Lite Home range for all energy storage installations.



While Solis’ primary inverter offering comprises its award-winning grid-tied solutions, we stock Solis’ 6kW energy storage inverter from its iconic fifth-generation range.

This product supports power for essential loads during load shedding and saves power during peak demands, making it perfect for homes needing back-up power from an alternative source.


With their sophisticated operating systems, advanced configuration options and sleek design, Victron Energy’s inverter/chargers are some of the best solar products available.

The Victron Quattro is one of the larger models in Victron’s inverter range. This product comes with two AC outputs to distinguish between essential back-up and non-critical loads. Up to six units of the Quattro can be paralleled for larger systems, and you can even configure these units into three-phase systems. The Quattro is suitable for off-grid as well as grid-connected PV and other alternative energy systems.

Victron’s MultiPlus inverter/charger is recommended for off-grid PV applications thanks to its range of protection functions, flexible configuration options and reliable, efficient performance.


Kit Builder

Our unique Kit Builder tool on the SegenSolar portal offers several pre-set Off-Grid Kits that already include all the components required for a seamless off-grid PV system — featuring solutions from KODAK, Sunsynk, Solis and Victron.

All products included are offered at a 3% discount when you select a system through Kit Builder.

Want to learn more about SegenSolar’s unmatched off-grid inverter portfolio? Create an account or log in to the customer portal to browse the full range.