SegenSolar’s webinar success

SegenSolar’s events have been a huge success and steadily growing in popularity. However, due to lockdown measures imposed by the South African government following the outbreak of COVID-19, these face-to-face gatherings have been suspended temporarily.

As such, SegenSolar has partnered up with a handful of its top solar manufacturers to offer online training for its loyal installer customers across the country.

So far, each webinar has run incredibly smoothly and has offered an unmatched level of insight and information despite lacking in the hands-on aspect of the usual training sessions.

What are the general benefits of webinars? 

Hundreds of businesses that previously ran practical training courses have had to adapt to the lockdown restrictions. Webinars have taken off as a like-for-like replacement (albeit temporarily) for in-person events and will likely continue to supplement them all the same. The tangible benefits include:

Productivity. The presenter is generally able to get through more content given the nature of the webinar. Attendees can see and hear the presenter, but the same does not apply in reverse, meaning content can be delivered smoothly and without interruption.

Increased engagement. SegenSolar makes use of Slido: a platform where those in attendance can ask questions to an expert moderator who can reply instantly. This level of interaction gives installers who would otherwise not have the confidence or time to chat through things with the presenter the opportunity to do so. The team at SegenSolar also enjoys using polls and Q&A sessions to ensure every installer makes the most of the webinar.

What’s more, webinars can be readily recorded at the click of a button so those who missed out on the session can easily view the exact presentation at a later time. It also means anyone who did attend but wanted to take notes or engage in additional learning after the session can do so.

Online sessions remove travel time and costs for installers, too. Previously, any installer wishing to attend face-to-face training was required to travel to either Cape Town or Johannesburg, which is too far and expensive for some. With the webinars, everyone can participate no matter where they are located — meaning the sessions are more widely available to SegenSolar’s expansive customer base.

What do SegenSolar’s webinars entail? 

SegenSolar’s webinars begin with a five-minute introduction to the company and the team. The intro is beneficial for installers who may be new to SegenSolar and have less knowledge of the way things are structured.

Another team member then takes installers through some neat tips and tricks for how to make the most of SegenSolar’s unique customer portal, including a brief demonstration on how to use the Quick Quote software.

The principal part of the webinar is taken by an expert from the technical team who knows the intricacies of a variety of solar equipment stocked at SegenSolar. They will cover the USPs of a specific product and other compatible products, as well as how to set-up and wire a system correctly. Throughout the presentation, installers can ask questions via Slido and have the opportunity to give feedback and engage with SegenSolar at their convenience.

The team has received phenomenal positive feedback to date, and these webinars have proved a testament to the dedicated team’s ability to overcome challenges and adapt in the face of adversity. SegenSolar is excited to continue running the online sessions and looks forward to welcoming you onto a future webinar.

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