SegenSolar in the SADC region: services to benefit you

Since its incorporation in Johannesburg in 2015, SegenSolar has expanded into the wider Southern African market to offer its elite solar solutions to more installers than ever.

The diverse portfolio of solar PV equipment and services are currently available in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. However, the team is working to develop SegenSolar’s unmatched offering into additional SADC regions to give customers an even greater service.

So — why is solar the ultimate solution for the electricity shortages in the SADC countries?

Solar suits the SADC market

Much like South Africa, the countries in the south of the continent have a high number of annual sun hours. This climate makes them ideally suited to solar energy. As well as being the perfect candidates for solar, many developing countries in the SADC region are faced with power shortages due to a lack of resource, infrastructure or funding. Did you know only 32% of rural areas in the SADC regions have access to electricity?

This power shortage has been putting enormous strain on the region for over 10 years. As it stands, coal supplies 62% of power generation in Southern Africa — but this has to change. The current infrastructure is weak, and much of the countries’ natural resource is exported elsewhere.

As such, renewable energy will always play a critical role in getting reliable, affordable power to these countries. Implementing solar in the SADC regions will also support vital infrastructures such as schools and hospitals, as well as providing much-needed job opportunities.

The best approach to electrifying the SADC regions may not lie in constructing colossal solar farms either. Starting small by taking households off the grid and reducing the need for load shedding could have a widespread positive impact. Many of the SADC authorities are beginning to consider implementing feed-back tariffs, too.

Supporting you with solar services

SegenSolar Assured

The official SADC team considers a lack of manufacturing and quality testing to be a significant hindrance on the region’s renewable energy potential. Yet, a selection of SegenSolar’s products is certified by the SegenSolar Assured scheme — a free product testing service ensuring select items are running smoothly before dispatch. The process makes installations cheaper and quicker, getting power where it is needed most more efficiently.


SegenSolar has hosted a series of webinars for all customers throughout lockdown, following the national ban on large social gatherings due to COVID-19. While the webinars were initially a temporary replacement for the face-to-face training events, they have been immensely popular with customers. The sessions are free for any installer to attend from the comfort of their own home and feature exclusive training material from top manufacturers such as Victron Energy, Solis, KODAK, Alpha ESS and many more.

This training is essential to ensure all installers in the SADC regions are confident with installing a solar PV system. A skilled workforce results in more compliance, fewer accidents and high-quality installations.


The Africa Solar Industry Association (more commonly known as ‘AFSIA’) is a fantastic organisation working hard to promote solar energy across the continent. SegenSolar is delighted to work with AFSIA in an ongoing partnership, endeavouring to expand the use of solar power across Africa and carrying out solar-related programmes and activities to do so. From commercial-scale power plants to small, off-grid home installations, every solar panel counts towards re-energising Africa — sustainably.

You can learn more about SegenSolar’s collaboration with AFSIA here.

What do the experts recommend?

Energy storage is central to any solar installation in a rural or remote location. Having a solar battery installed in the system means you can store the energy generated by the panels during the day for use at night.

In early 2021, the Giter lithium-ion battery will be joining the SegenSolar portfolio. Giter was established to provide reliable and affordable energy storage equipment using leading technology, making it the perfect product for all customers in Africa. The battery offers over 90% depth of discharge for 1500 cycles and will be exclusive to SegenSolar. Keep an eye out for the official launch in the new year!

SegenSolar has been intrinsically involved in the launch of brand-new KODAK Solar Products: exclusive solutions for SADC homeowners to combat load shedding. The elite KODAK Off-Grid inverter ranges are perfect for smaller sites where there is little to no grid connection. Just one unit of the OG-MAX 7.2 inverter is capable of powering all appliances in the home and, when paired with the all-new FL5.2 battery, creates a high-performance storage system. Additionally, you can now find KODAK Solar Products in three clear-cut packages on the portal, designed to meet specific load requirements during power outages.

For high-tech battery storage, SegenSolar recommends products from Freedom Won and Pylontech. These batteries are incredibly versatile, easy to install and work harmoniously in any small residential system with nearly all inverters on the market.

Cinco Solar modules also pair excellently with EPSolar charge controllers for an optimised off-grid system, offering high yields for small scale applications.

Are you based in the SADC regions and want to get started with solar? If you are a solar installer, sign up to the SegenSolar portal today. Or, you can get in touch as a homeowner or business owner if you would like solar installed at your site.