SegenSolar: supported by Renusol

Renusol products are integral to the SegenSolar offering, and we are proud to offer such a variety of trusted Renusol solutions available to our loyal customers.

But what makes Renusol so unique?

On the 25th anniversary of this PV mounting specialist, we reflect on its achievements — both past and present — and explain why we recommend Renusol for your PV systems.

A little background on Renusol

Renusol is a globally renowned organisation specialising in manufacturing solar mounting systems for all types of roofs. Established in 1997, Renusol now has a quarter of a century’s experience with PV applications.

Over the years, Renusol has been responsible for some of the most innovative products and services in the solar market. For example, Renusol’s universal mounting solution for pitched roofs, the VS+ system, was launched back in 2006.

Renusol’s services continue to pave the way for intelligent mounting solutions worldwide. The PV-Configurator 3.0 is the simplest way to purchase Renusol products, allowing customers to design a flawless, bespoke PV system at the best price. Plus, there is a greatly reduced risk of human error — guaranteeing accuracy at all times.

Renusol’s vast and innovative product portfolio has continuously developed and expanded throughout its history, earning this company a place among the world’s leading PV manufacturers.

Another primary reason why we are so pleased to work alongside Renusol is its commitment to exceptional service. 

What Renusol is known for?

Renusol’s company ethos has underpinned its service throughout the past 25 years. ‘Simple. Solid. Service.’ encapsulates the company’s commitment to simplicity and comprehensiveness, which has allowed it to secure and maintain such a high level of customer confidence for so long.

The RH1 universal roof hook is perhaps the best example of ‘Simple. Solid. Service.’ Designed to work with all roof types and surfaces, the array of compatibility options and flexible installation options make this product extra straightforward and easy to use.

Luckily for installers, this level of simplicity is consistent with the entire Renusol portfolio.

A comprehensive offering


The TriSole+ system is suitable for flat and pitched roofs. Whilst recommended for trapezoidal metal surfaces, this system can also be used for corrugated fibre cement and is ideal for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. Plus, the application angle can be between 10 and 35 degrees. 


For pitched corrugated and trapezoidal sheet metal roofs, Renusol offer the MetaSole+. This system comprises the MS+, MS+P, MS+ Corrugated and MS+H. These variations prioritise flexibility and are incredibly compact, allowing for quick and easy installation.

And did you know that Renusol and SegenSolar worked together to create the MS+H? This variant was developed specifically for hotter climates, as the higher rail allows for more airflow around the panel, meaning the modules can stay cooler and operate more efficiently.

FS Flat Roof

Flat roofs with a limited load capacity can benefit from the FS flat-roof system — designed to ensure optimum aerodynamic performance for an extra secure installation.

You can find Renusol’s precision-engineered PV mounting products on the SegenSolar portal. Log in to start purchasing or use Renusol’s unique PV-Configurator 3.0 to design an accurate, cost-effective mounting system now.