SegenSolar & Solis: a story of commercial solutions

Solis is the world’s leader in solar inverter technology. SegenSolar is delighted to work so closely with the Solis team, promoting the company’s award-winning solutions to installers in South Africa and helping our customers install Solis’ products with accuracy and confidence.

An impressive history

Established in 2005, Solis has one of the highest installed capacities of solar products worldwide and is the only publicly listed company that focuses solely on PV string inverters. Solis has a cultivated focus on consistent research and development within the solar industry to ensure it keeps pace with the fast-changing nature of the renewable sector. In fact, Solis has been a key player in developing industry standards for PV inverters over the past 16 years.

And despite the setbacks of the past 18 months, Solis has continued to go from strength to strength and was the recipient of various awards in 2020 and 2021 to date.

The 15th Annual SNEC took place earlier in June in Shanghai, recognised globally as the most significant professional solar industry conference. Not only did Solis attend this event, but the company was awarded the ‘APVIA Honourable Award – Technological Achievement (for Enterprise)’! What’s more, Solis won the ‘2020 Global Top PV Brand’ award and ranked fifth for its inverter brand value.

Receipt of these awards at such esteemed events is a testament to Solis’ commitment to refining its solar products and putting its customers at the centre of its operations. Solis has been pivotal to the world’s transition to renewable energy by making solar products more efficient, safe and reliable. 

An unbeatable portfolio

On the SegenSolar portal, we stock a considerable variety of Solis inverters for residential and commercial PV systems. Solis’ fifth-generation inverter range comprises a series of single and three-phase solutions that have pioneered ultra-efficient, cost-effective inverter technology.

However, we recommend two of Solis’ three-phase solutions: the 80kW and 110kW inverters.

These solutions form part of Solis’ complete three-phase commercial range, offering the best value for money on the market, all while providing exceptional efficiencies.

The 80kW inverter offers 150% DC overloading capacity for increased yields, Type II surge protection and a wide MPPT range for lower mismatch loss. What’s more, this product is ready for generator integration immediately.

The 110kW inverter also has 10 MPPTs for ultimate control and efficiency. However, the key feature of this product is its Type I/II surge protection — meaning your installations are protected from lightning strikes when this inverter is fitted. Lightning protection is essential in South Africa, as the country experiences a high volume of strikes each year, and a direct hit could result in irreversible damage to the PV system.

Unmatched commercial offering

We have worked closely with Solis for several years, meaning our technicians are highly skilled in Solis products and can offer first-in-class services to installers across Southern Africa.

Solis’ local technicians can provide remote set-up guidance for your first installation using the new Solis commercial range. We are also offering a refined 48-hour RMA process to test and diagnose products with suspected faults (meaning customers’ products are examined and a replacement is returned in just 72 hours!).

What’s more, James Frank, Solis’ in-country technical expert, is on-hand for any advice. We also have a dedicated internal Commercial Systems Technical Advisor — Charles Burrows —who forms an integral part of our commercial team at SegenSolar.

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