SegenSolar recommends these THREE Solis inverters

For any hybrid or grid-tied solar installation, Solis products are a reliable choice for installers in Southern Africa. Solis’ inverters have been recognised by industry bodies around the world, receiving several prestigious awards for their quality and innovation.

The high quality and affordable price make Solis’ products a recommended investment for installers, homeowners and business owners looking for value for money whilst taking control of their future electricity spend.

Discover which three products come with the best recommendations from the SegenSolar experts…

1. First-rate, fifth-generation PV products

Since its official launch earlier in 2020, Solis’ fifth generation of inverters has had an immense reception. One of the most versatile products from the range is the 30kW three-phase inverter — offering over 98.8% maximum efficiency and a fan-free design to allow for natural convection. This product features Type II AC/DC surge protection as well as a three MPPT design with a precise algorithm to reduce the potential for any string mismatch. The three-phase design means this is an ideal product for larger commercial installations and can be matched with most solar panels on the market.

Solis’ iconic fifth-generation range has been celebrated by solar installers for its upgraded technological abilities, reaching higher efficiencies than any other inverter on the market as well as for its built-in diagnostic tools which can be used either on-site or remotely via the SolisCloud monitoring platform.


2. A robust residential solution

Smaller, lighter and smarter: the iconic fourth-gen inverter range that gave Solis its name in the industry. The single-phase series is the perfect solution for homes that are connected to the grid but require a boost to reduce electricity bills, for example. This 3kW single-phase inverter will support appliances in the home with ease thanks to its 97.8% efficiency and multiple working modes, allowing for flexibility and adaptability to each site.

This product is of ultra-lightweight design, meaning one person can install it with ease. If you wish to monitor your PV installation remotely, you can download the SolisCloud monitoring app to keep an eye on system performance, wherever you are.

Solis 3kW mini inverter

3. Specialist surge protection for South Africa

The Solis 60kW Quad MPPT commercial inverter is unique in that it has both Type I and Type II surge protection to safeguard from lightning strikes. This inverter was designed specifically for the Southern African market as all installations in the country mandatorily require a form of surge protection due to the high volume of strikes. Another excellent feature of this product is its multiple MPPT design, enhancing overall flexibility and efficiency.

Despite being a powerhouse inverter offering 60kW of consistent energy, this product comfortably meets the needs of a straightforward, low-cost installation where four MPPT outputs are required. This inverter offers up to 99% maximum efficiency, IP65 protection and positive/negative string fusing. Its remarkably compact and lightweight design means two people can install this product with ease, too.

Solis 60kW Inverter

Want a longer warranty?

As standard, all Solis inverters come with a five-year warranty. However, you can upgrade your Solis warranty with SegenSolar to ten years on the fourth-generation range and to a fantastic 20 years on the fifth-generation inverters!

SegenSolar is proud to continue working closely with the Solis team to offer these outstanding solutions to solar installers across Southern Africa. If you want to learn more about Solis and gain access to special offers on the products, sign up to the SegenSolar portal or browse the portfolio today.