SegenSolar recommends Renusol

We recommend Renusol PV mounting solutions to all our customers. Renusol components are precision-engineered around the company’s admirable ethos of providing a simple, solid service: the products are straightforward in design but incredibly sturdy and robust.

Suitable for all rooftop and ground-mounted installations in South Africa (and the rest of the world!), discover why Renusol’s solutions are heralded as some of the absolute best in the market.

State-of-the-art design software

One of Renusol’s hero offerings is its PV-Configurator 3.0 software. This tool allows you to design your solar mounting system online and with exceptional accuracy. You can receive a complete project report, assembly plan and structural calculations with all parameter documentation and a parts list in just a few clicks.

This free-to-use software was developed by industry experts and is a comprehensive and valuable offering for all solar installers. What’s more, the tool is now available in 10 languages — so you can benefit from anywhere in the world.

Recently, the PV-Configurator was updated to include both Renusol’s renowned ISSE (in-roof) system and the TriSole+ system. These two solutions were challenging to implement as they offer a staggering number of product combinations. You can also find an extensive module database in the PV-Configurator, offering relevant data for over 33,000 panels — a figure that grows every week.

Ensuring all these features are integrated into one tool means there is far less scope for error, enhancing your systems’ safety, reliability and making them more cost-effective.

You can find Renusol’s PV-Configurator on the SegenSolar portal! Log in and design a system with Quick Quote to unlock the benefits.

The Renusol offering

So — which Renusol systems are available with SegenSolar? And which Renusol mounting solution is right for your site?


The MS+ system is designed for pitched corrugated or trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. This system offers flexible installation with a compact design. Did you know the MS+ High Top was explicitly designed to meet the needs of the South African climate? This rail is taller than its standard counterpart, offering better airflow around the PV module for more cooling and, therefore, higher performance.


For commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings covered with trapezoidal metal or corrugated fibre cement — whether pitched or flat — SegenSolar recommends the Renusol TriSole+. This foldable system comprises a modular triangle, fastening elements and module clamps and can be configured to suit dozens of different sites.


The VarioSole+ system is arguably Renusol’s most versatile system offering for pitched roofs. The configuration possibilities are simply endless, thanks to the varied choice of roof hooks.


For ground-mounted systems, we recommend Renusol’s ConSole+. Particularly for PV sites with weak roofs or little roof space, the ConSole+ is the perfect solution as its ballasted design requires no ground penetration. It is safe, straightforward and durable: ideal for installers in the SADC regions.

FS Flat Roof

For larger roofs with a limited load capacity, the FS system could be your answer. Like the ConSole+, it is secured to the roof with a ballast and has been subject to various tests to affirm its static security.


Rigorous testing with TÜV Rheinland

The VarioSole+, MetaSole+, TriSole+ and FS Flat Roof systems have passed various tests to guarantee quality, security and durability, accredited by industry body TÜV Rheinland.

  • IEC 61730:2016 – PV module safety qualification (continuity of equipotential bonding MST13)
  • UL 2703 – Bonding path resistance testing and bonding conductor testing
  • IEC 61701:2011 – Salt-mist corrosion testing
  • IEC 60068-2-52:1996 – Cyclic environmental testing for salt mist
  • IEC 60060-1:2010 – High-voltage testing

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