SegenSolar: Expanding into 2022

SegenSolar has big plans for the year ahead. Since our establishment in October 2015, we have grown exponentially, expanding our footprint not only across South Africa but into the SADC markets, too.

We recognise the importance of engaging with and promoting renewable energy in Southern Africa. Our current reliance on polluting fossil fuels — primarily on coal — is contributing to global warming and rendering more corners of the world unhabitable than ever before.

Eskom’s current lack of funding not only means load shedding is continuing to interrupt the lives of everyone in South Africa, but it also means prices are going up once again.

What’s more, Unit 2 of the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station in Cape Town was closed on the 17th of January for five months for refuelling and the replacement of its steam generators. Whilst the power station is in desperate need of modernisation, it is likely to put additional strain on the country’s national grid as 920 MW of power generation is taken offline. Unfortunately, this will almost certainly result in added hours of load shedding throughout the refurbishment works.

So, it is about time that we start relying on an alternative energy source? And how is SegenSolar working towards a greener future?

Growing our reach

Over the past 12 months, we have worked hard to expand our reach across Southern Africa, with the opening of brand-new satellite warehouses: an East Rand site in April, a site in Durban in June and another new site in Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth) in January 2022.

Our Durban warehouse launch was an immense success and has allowed us to service more areas of South Africa than ever before. This all-new warehouse gives customers quick access to our variety of PV equipment in a convenient, local location that speeds up orders and offers improved stock availability on a dedicated customer portal. By opening this warehouse, we have simplified our customers’ order processing and collections, saving both time and money.

We have also established more concrete footholds in the SADC markets. Our products are available for purchase in Botswana, Eswatini, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and we have a selection of equipment that is perfectly suited to these markets.

The SADC regions are the perfect candidates for solar power thanks to their high irradiance levels and availability of open space. We are keen to offer these regions our range of PV equipment to help them generate their own power and take a positive step towards energy independence.

With solar comes job opportunities, and SegenSolar wants to fill the gap for solar installers in the SADC countries’ employment markets, too. In providing reputable, long-lasting materials, SegenSolar hopes to propel the country towards a cleaner future with abundant power for everyone.

Supporting new installers

For installers who are just starting on their solar installation journey, we also host regular training webinars on the SegenSolar portal. Run by the experts, these webinars cover all the installation tips and tricks our customers need to install products from leading manufacturers with confidence. To name a few, we collaborate with brands such as Solis, Pylontech, KODAK and Victron to offer comprehensive training on various product lines — from small residential products to solutions suitable for utility-scale installations.

During the webinars, we have a Slido chat open so that any participant can ask live questions and get real-time responses from our solar-expert hosts.

All webinars are entirely free for our installers to attend, and customers can register to as many webinars as they like.

If you are a solar installer looking to embark on your renewable energy journey, create an account on the free SegenSolar portal today — our expert team would be delighted to support you.