SegenSolar Assured

New and exclusive testing process on selected KODAK Solar Products.

All KODAK Grid-Tied, Hybrid and Off-Grid Inverters are officially SegenSolar Assured.

SegenSolar Assured is a unique, free product testing service conducted by technical experts to ensure you only receive products that function perfectly. SegenSolar is proud to do the work for you: the team wants you to enjoy your solar products knowing the firmware checks are complete for ease of installation and peace of mind.

The SegenSolar Assured process includes:

  • Physical inspection of the KODAK components and packaging
  • Pre-commissioning of components
  • Checking and updating firmware wherever relevant
  • Testing functionality
  • Load testing with the grid, battery and/or PV simulator
SegenSolar Assured
Kodak Solar Products

By choosing KODAK with the SegenSolar Assured scheme, you can have confidence your products will be compatible and fit for purpose upon delivery. Not only does this make the installation simpler but also helps to expedite the process.

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