SegenSolar and Solis: serious about commercial solar

Solis has been a leading manufacturer of single and three-phase inverters since 2005, offering its pioneering range of fourth and fifth-generation products. While Solis has been a cornerstone feature of SegenSolar’s residential portfolio for some time, SegenSolar is now expanding its range of Solis product solutions. All-new inverters from Solis have arrived for larger commercial projects, including pieces to form part of the new commercial energy storage portfolio.

A little more on Solis…

Solis’ multiple achievements over the years are incredibly impressive. A notable mention is that it floated on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2019 — an enormous accolade that reinforces Solis’ bankability and dedication to supplying first-in-class solar solutions. 

Latest developments

Another highlight from Solis is the recent launch of the SolisCloud monitoring platform. The new software is incredibly comprehensive and includes never-before-seen features so you can keep a closer eye on your Solis installation. Key benefits of the updates system include:  

  • Less than fiveminute update time compared to the 15 minutes of the old platform  
  • Web and mobile access  
  • Full monitoring for single and threephase models  
  • Offers full functions including IV curve scanning  
  • Full energy balance display including consumption and production graphs  
  • Easy-to-navigate device information such as firmware, inverter type and power analysis 
  • Comprehensive report exports offering single or total plant yield and device data  
  • Large screen display available  
  • String level alarming for fifth-generation inverters

How do I update my Solis platform?

It is quick and easy to migrate over to the new platform —follow these simple steps to ensure you maintain all your data.  

First, click on the ‘Data Migration’ button on the top right of the screen. For installers/EPCs, select ‘Professional Edition’ and enter your existing Ginlong Professional username and password. Be sure to click on the ‘Start Migration’ button to begin the process. When a popup appears, click ‘Log in’ to complete the migration. You can then enter your details into the login screen and your data will appear in the new software. 

What’s new?

Solis’ solar products are not only competitively priced but also offer some of the best performances on the market.

Joining the commercial storage portfolio is the latest 10kW high-voltage energy storage inverter from Solis. This is the perfect three-phase hybrid solution for medium to large houses and is suitable for business use, too. The 10kW inverter supports three-phase imbalance and has an impressive maximum efficiency of 98.4%.  

Solis 10kW high-voltage energy storage 5G inverter

Electric storms are widespread in South Africa, and the country experiences an above-average volume of lightning strikes each year, particularly in the central highveld region. As such, it’s essential to protect solar equipment from these surges as a direct hit could result in irreversible damage to the PV system and pose a risk of electrical fires.  

Solis’ all-new 110kW inverter features both Type I & II surge protection. This product is from the iconic fifth-generation range and is a low-cost, high-performance commercial solution for the Southern African market.  

Solis 110kW high voltage commercial 5G inverter three phase surge protection

Type II surge arresters are built into all Solis inverter models for AC and DC. The products come with a five-year warranty as standard which customers can extend up to 20 years.  

And finally, Solis’ most powerful inverter to date: the 255kW high-voltage, three-phase solution with 14 MPPT. This product is perfect for large-scale ground-mounted or rooftop commercial projects thanks to its ability to support a maximum input of 28 strings and ultra-efficient design. Accuracy is vital for any utility-scale solar installation, which is why this inverter features high-precision intelligent monitoring strings to reduce fault location time. Please note this product is available on a buy-to-order basis and is priced based on specific project requirements.  

Solis 255kW three phase commercial inverter 14 MPPT

Benefits of buying Solis through SegenSolar

SegenSolar has worked closely with Solis for several years, meaning the experts are highly skilled in Solis products and can offer first-in-class services to installers across Southern Africa.  

Solis local technicians can provide remote set-up guidance for your first installation using the new Solis commercial rangeSegenSolar will soon offer a refined 48-hour RMA process to test and diagnose products with suspected faults (meaning your product is examined and a replacement is returned to you in just 72 hours!).  

What’s more, James Frank, Solis’ in-country technical expert, is on-hand for any advice and SegenSolar also offers national support with third-party SLAs. SegenSolar also has a dedicated internal Commercial Systems Technical Advisor — Charles Burrows — who forms an integral part of the local six-person commercial team at SegenSolar

SegenSolar and Solis are serious about providing commercial storage solutions. Get in touch with the team and the experts will help you plan your next commercial project and assist you with developing your project pipeline.