SegenSolar: a roundup of new-in solutions  

SegenSolar is committed to improving your order process, from product selection to delivery.

Whilst our unique Kit Builder tool is a testament to our exceptional service, helping installers get compatible products with quick dispatch and a generous discount, the sheer range of items available on the portal also speaks to our ambitions.

We are constantly expanding the selection of solar solutions we can offer to our customers and regularly announce new releases from market-leading brands. This month, we are pleased to have new additions across various ranges.

So, whether you are interested in commercial or residential applications, we have a new product for you.

Continue reading to find out what we have added to the portal this month.

New to commercial

An exciting new range is added to the commercial inverter portfolio on the SegenSolar portal this month.

Solis has been at the forefront of the PV market since its inception in 2005, with an impressive history of trusted partnerships across the globe. So, we are proud to expand our Solis product offering with the S5 inverters range.

The Solis S5 inverters comprise top-quality components and feature C5 anti-corrosion technology, making for an improved, longer lifetime. The input current and short-circuit current have also been extended on these inverters to 16A and 25A per string, respectively.

These products are all highly efficient — with a top efficiency of 98.7% — making for a cost-effective system. They also all come with an IP66 rating and City of Cape Town approval: two valuable indications of reliability.

Recent releases for residential use

Another new product on the SegenSolar portal comes from KODAK Solar Products — another market leader with innovative solutions at an affordable price.

Our latest addition to the residential portfolio is the KODAK BL3.5 PV battery. This product is a small but scalable application, parallelable up to 15 units and suitable for use in commercial applications.

With a quick 1.5 hour discharge time and 95% depth of discharge, this battery offers incredibly high performance and comes with a 10-year warranty as standard.

The latest in lighting applications

Sun King™ specialises in long-lasting solar lighting applications that are compact and affordable.

This month, two new Sun King™ products will be joining the SegenSolar portfolio: the Pico Plus and the Pro 300.

The Sun King™ Pico Plus, is a durable, high-performance solar lamp. This application can yield up to 72 hours of light from a single day of sun exposure, and the light is five times brighter than kerosene lamps.

The Sun King™ Pro 300 is both a lighting and a charging solution which can provide 100 hours of light from one day of sun exposure. This product’s light is sufficiently bright — supplying up to 300 lumens of LED — yet consumes minimal power.

With virtually out-of-the-box end-user installation, no configuration options and zero maintenance, these Sun King™ products are the most convenient choice for renewable lighting.


Coming soon

SegenSolar is excited to welcome Hubble batteries to our portfolio.

Hubble is a lithium battery manufacturer with many impressive product ranges, namely the AM, X and S Series. The product joining our portfolio is the AM-2 5.5kWh battery: a comprehensive energy storage solution.

The AM-2 battery is highly efficient and cost-effective, boasting built-in over-charge, over-discharge and over-heating protection functions. It is safe and reliable, with a generous 10-year warranty and a 15-year guarantee.

This flexible battery can be used in both wall and rack-mounted systems and is compatible with Victron Energy, Solis, KODAK Solar Products and Sunsynk inverters.

Another perk of this product is its innovative monitoring capabilities. Remote monitoring is enabled by the Hubble Cloudlink device: an intelligent application that allows users to keep on top of their systems through Wi-Fi.

Keep an eye on the portal for the arrival of this exciting new addition.

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