SegenSolar offers unique design tools for its installers when procuring and specifying a PV system pre-installation.

This software has been created to make configuring a system as hassle-free and straightforward as possible.

Step 1: Quick Quote

Many customers immediately revert to the ‘Create a new order’ option. This route requires manual selection of each product including quantities. Unless the installer requires a very small number of specific products, it is both time consuming more expensive to create a system from scratch rather than going via the Quick Quote tool.

Quick Quote does all the work for you. You only need a few details of the space of the desired PV system for the software to specify which products and how many of each are required.

The benefits of this tool include:

• Ensures accuracy of system specification by removing the risk of human error
• Locks in the quoted system price for 30 days!
• Displays all relevant discounts and package offers for added savings
• User friendly
• Complete your system design in a matter of minutes to save valuable time

Step 2: Design Tool

The Design Tool finalises and refines your quote once you have gone through the Quick Quote system.

This tool assigns the correct size inverter to the array of panels and gives installers a variety of off-grid or grid-tied options to ensure accurate specification.

SegenSolar offers comprehensive guidance notes on both the Quick Quote and Design Tool software via the customer portal.

If you are a solar installer or are keen to get involved with solar, sign up to the installer portal now to reap the benefits of these incredible design tools.

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