Secure mounting solutions for metal roofs

Renewable energy has been of interest to organisations across the globe for many years as the climate crisis looms. But now that energy prices are soaring and companies are looking for a way to maintain profits in difficult economic circumstances, many are searching for a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to coal power — and solar is the perfect solution.

Metal roofing is a popular option for businesses, as it is highly durable and long-lasting. Coincidentally, these features make excellent platforms for PV arrays, meaning many companies are already well-positioned to reap the benefits of solar power. Still, as there is a range of metal roof types, each with different mounting requirements, it is essential to find the right products for the job.

So, what do you need to know about installing PV systems on metal roofs — and which mounting solution is right for your next project?

Considerations for metal roof installations

Many new and existing buildings worldwide have metal roofs thanks to their superior durability and sustainability credentials. Besides being lightweight and made using recyclable materials, metal roofs are also robust against fire damage, pests and weather corrosion, providing the ideal foundation for a long-lasting PV system.

Typically lasting between 50 and 70 years, most existing metal roofs will easily outlast the average service life of a solar array — offering a reliable, low-maintenance energy solution that avoids expensive and wasteful re-roofing and reassembly.

However, the longevity of a PV system is determined at installation. Not every roof is ‘solar ready’, and each metal roof type has a different surface environment, requiring specialised solar mounting solutions to ensure safe and secure application.

Solar panels can be fixed to corrugated and trapezoidal sheet metal roofs using penetrative mounting systems comprising a range of brackets, rails and built-in rubber plugs or sealant. Increasing the space between roofs and solar panels may also be necessary to improve airflow and reduce the risk of PV modules overheating for trapezoidal applications in hot climates.

Alternatively, a standing seam metal roof — consisting of vertically positioned, broad metal panels joined by raised seams — requires a non-penetrative mounting solution to avoid disturbing its watertight seal. Standing seam clamps are most suitable for this roof type. For pitched roofs, however, installers must also consider the angle of each panel to ensure they have consistent and optimised access to sunlight throughout the day.

A poorly installed PV system can lead to expensive repairs and diminish the return on investment for deploying a solar power solution. So, our experts recommend investing in a mounting system from Renusol: an innovative PV manufacturer with unparalleled industry experience.

Renusol’s flexible mounting systems

SegenSolar supplies a range of mounting products and systems from Renusol suitable for various metal roofing applications.

MetaSole+ is the manufacturer’s most extensive range, including everything installers need to mount a PV system on a corrugated or trapezoidal sheet metal roof. With self-cutting screws for direct fastening and short, non-continuous rails, MS+ systems provide flexible and streamlined mounting solutions for various needs and preferences.

For example, the MS+P products are designed for portrait installation, whereas the MS+H system is perfect for hotter climates and the MS+CORRUGATED is ideal for corrugated roof applications.

The TriSole+ system is a foldable, triangular mounting option also suitable for corrugated and trapezoidal applications, as well as standing seam metal roofs. With this versatile, easy-to-manage system, installers can adjust inclination angles between 10 and 35 degrees to provide the appropriate elevation level for a broad selection of solar installations.

Renusol’s VarioSole+ system provides universal fastening for nearly all types of pitched roofs in Europe and includes an array of hooks, hanger bolts, standing seam clamps and mounting rails. So, installers can count on robust and reliable roof connections for medium and high loads, opening unlimited possibilities for the most diverse roof covering materials and substructures.

When you buy from Renusol, you can rest assured that you are investing in reliability. Many of this manufacturer’s products have undergone rigorous testing and passed strict quality control procedures to obtain the prestigious ETN certification.

So, if you are looking for cost-effective, eco-friendly PV mounting solutions that will allow you to embrace the many benefits of solar power, look no further than this globally renowned manufacturer.

You can find a vast selection of Renusol mounting products on the portal, including the MS+, TS+ and VS+ systems. Discover your new favourite solutions for metal roofs today!