REVOV aims to offer a sustainable solution to grid instability whilst addressing the need to reduce carbon emissions worldwide.

REVOV, a proudly South African lithium battery company, leads the charge in reducing carbon emissions with lithium-iron technology. Selling over 20,000 batteries in the Solar Industry since its inception in 2016. Their primary focus is on addressing the challenges posed by unstable electricity grids in South Africa and the growing demand in Sub-Saharan Africa. REVOV imports lithium cells, modules, and battery management units to create Energy Storage Systems and supply batteries for custom Energy Storage System (ESS) installations. Their product range includes individual lithium-iron batteries and powerful All-in-One systems composed of numerous batteries, designed to enable grid independence, and facilitate renewable energy storage.

REVOV’s strength lies in its unwavering commitment to robust engineering principles and the use of top-tier cells, ensuring exceptional performance and longevity. These batteries are designed to deliver up to 6,000 cycles of assured performance, backed by a 10-year warranty when employed for stationary applications.

These batteries offer exceptional longevity, ensuring reliable energy storage for an extended period. Additionally, REVOV’s approach is environmentally responsible, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with mining, manufacturing, and transport of lithium cells. This aligns perfectly with sustainability goals and supports global efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Beyond their environmental benefits, REVOV’s batteries provide essential backup power for the continent’s electricity supply.

REVOV takes great pride in its comprehensive local support, boasting dedicated technical, design, and engineering teams to provide full and comprehensive assistance to all customers, including corporates, end-users, and installers. This level of support is indispensable in an industry where lead time issues and delays have become all too common.

REVOV’s innovative lithium battery technology contributes not only to a greener economy but also to the provision of affordable and reliable energy storage solutions. Select their product in Kit Builder, our unique design tool that streamlines the order process and ensures accurate product pairings every time. Select this manufacturer in the Self-Consumption and Backup kits for the fastest dispatch and an exclusive net 2% discount.