REVOV: helping you escape the difficult winter

It is no secret that the energy crisis has brought South Africa to its knees in recent years, with load shedding constantly increasing and homes and businesses regularly being forced to go without essential supplies for hours on end.

But the situation has just reached a tipping point.

Whilst Eskom has traditionally downplayed the severity of grid failures, the chief of the national utility company recently announced that the country’s population would need to prepare for the worst blackouts they had ever experienced this winter.

So, what exactly do you need to prepare for — and how best can you do so with a PV system powered by affordable, sustainable and reliable products from REVOV?

A worsening load shedding landscape

In the first week of May, load shedding was indefinitely ramped up to Stage 6. This measure resulted from delays in returning select generators online and continued generator breakdowns where more than 16000W of generating capacity was lost — and gives us an idea of what lies ahead in the coming months.

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, demand will begin to drastically outweigh supplies (even more than it currently does), and worst-case scenarios could become a reality. In fact, the situation is so dire that Calib Cassim, Eskom’s acting chief executive, recently warned that Stage 8 would be implemented if the company’s interventions are not successful, and outages could go on for up to 16 hours.

Unfortunately, Eskom does not seem to be taking adequate measures to help people cope this winter either. Whilst engineers work to repair the damaged electricity infrastructure that has left the residents of Buccleuch and Waterfall, Johannesburg without power for five days, the company is asking the population to avoid using heaters and turn off their lights where possible.

These short-term measures will hardly make a dent in the country’s devastated energy landscape — and a round-the-clock supply is simply non-negotiable for many customers, especially those with illnesses, the elderly and owners of hospitality businesses.

Therefore, for many that have been considering taking matters into their own hands, now is the time to transition away from the national grid — and REVOV has just the products to allow them to do so.

Sustainable energy storage solutions

As a South African supplier with a vast portfolio of PV products designed to support the country’s energy requirements as load shedding wages on, REVOV is an excellent choice for homes and businesses in search of an uninterrupted energy supply.

REVOV’s batteries are designed with lithium-ion (LiFePO4) technology, which comes with a long list of benefits, including high safety values, a light weight, enhanced temperature tolerance and fast charging — resulting in durable, convenient solutions that can see customers through load shedding with ease.

And even better — REVOV takes this technology one step further with its 2nd LiFe batteries: the R100 and R9.

These products gain their name from their second-life nature, having been built from recycled electric vehicle (EV) batteries that would have gone to landfills with plenty of use left in them. They also come in at a lower cost than first-life alternatives — and still offer all the top benefits you can expect from a high-quality PV battery.

For example, both the R100 and R9 come with a parallel capability of up to 16 units and can be installed in multiple wall or rack-based orientations, making them suitable for a variety of PV system requirements. Their compatibility with leading inverter brands, such as Victron Energy and Sunsynk, also aids in their versatility, on top of the integrated CAN bus and RS485 BMS communications.

And the features do not end there.

The R9 and R100 boast built-in protection from overcharge, over-discharge and over-temperature and come with a generous 10-year warranty — giving clients peace of mind that their products will last whilst power outages continue and beyond.

Help homes and businesses achieve a reliable energy supply this winter. Log in or sign up for a free account on the SegenSolar portal to view REVOV’s portfolio today.