Reunite with Renusol 

Opportunities to see our favourite manufacturers in person have been few and far between in recent years, with COVID-19 protocols preventing many events from taking place. But now that restrictions have eased, installers can finally look forward to seeing Renusol again…

Embracing the return of face-to-face events

The ingenious ways modern technology allows us to communicate digitally were integral to the continuation of normality amidst the onset of COVID-19 protocols. SegenSolar found great success in our online training events, which allowed us to continue providing installers with new product information and offer valuable technical training despite the circumstances.

However, nothing quite authentically replicates being face-to-face. And with the added pressures of the pandemic, manufacturers and installers alike have all welcomed back face-to-face events with open arms.

Renusol has led three workshops in partnership with Solis in 2022 thus far — on 21 and 23 June and 7 July — which had a remarkable reception. All surveyed attendees felt they better understood how to use Solis and Renusol after they had attended the workshop, with high numbers also saying the event was very beneficial and that they would recommend it to other installers.

Renusol were also equally successful in reaching out to its customers at a world-renowned event that took place recently, The Solar Show.

The Pre-Solar-Show Training Workshop

One of the biggest events in the solar calendar, The Solar Show Africa 2022, took place last month, and SegenSolar hosted the Pre-Solar-Show Training Workshop on 22 August to kick off the event.

This was an exciting opportunity for installers to meet with some of the most esteemed members of the solar community, especially after so long without face-to-face events, and we were so pleased to have Renusol with us there as event sponsors.

We want to thank Renusol for their attendance, and look forward to seeing them at their next big event…

Solar & Storage Live

Another chance to speak with the Renusol team is on the horizon.

Solar & Storage Live UK 2022 is taking place from 18 – 20 October 2022 in Birmingham, England —the largest renewable energy exhibition in the UK.

The event will see solar professionals from around the globe flock to attend the solar conference and exhibition, and make use of the wealth of networking opportunities over the course of the show. Plus, with many teams from leading solar brands at the event, including Renusol, you can ask all the questions you need.

So, it is time to prepare some questions and refresh your memory of Renusol’s products!

Renusol’s product range

Renusol is famous for its cutting-edge mounting solutions, each tailored to different roof types, ensuring a safe and secure installation for all customers.

Its most extensive mounting system, the MetaSole+, is flexible and compact for more affordable transportation and installation. The MS+ has several variations: the MS+P, a portrait version of the MS+, the MS+CORRUGATED, for corrugated sheet metal roofs, and the MS+H, with increased space between the roof and panels to facilitate better airflow and help the system withstand the extreme temperatures expected in warmer climates.

The FS and ConSole+ are available for flat roofs, each equipped with smart features like aerodynamic optimisation and the capability to be installed without soil or roof penetration. The TriSole+ system, on the other hand, is recommended for trapezoidal metal or corrugated fibre cement roofs on commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

Renusol also offers two universal roof hooks: the RH1 and the RS1.

The RH1 is the latest addition to the Renusol product range, with an extraordinarily high load capacity and a fully adjustable base plate, meaning installation is easy even on uneven roofs. The Renusol RS1 is an equally flexible mounting solution, appropriate for all module frame heights from 30mm to 50mm, with an adjustable head for middle and end clamping.

Ready to speak with the Renusol experts in person? Keep an eye on the events page on the SegenSolar portal to see upcoming events and book your place!