Large Residential Hybrid PV/Storage System

For larger residential properties with 4 or more residents looking for savings on their electricity bills and security of supply in the event of a grid failure of planned load shedding. This system will provide sufficient electricity for the majority of the property’s needs and continue to operate for a few hours in the event of no grid being available.


Protection from energy price rises

Prices for electricity are expected to continue to rise in real terms for many years to come to fund the renewal of the electricity supply system in South Africa. A solar PV system will provide a substantial proportion of your electricity demand free for many years.

Maximise savings

A solar PV system with efficient storage will store any excess energy generated during the day to be used at night to power your lights and other electrical devices. A well designed PV storage system could reduce your electricity demand from the grid by over 75%.

Reduced environmental impact

The impact of climate change is obvious for all to see the world over from increased floods to droughts, crop failures, rising temperatures and increasing weather events. Generating clean energy from solar will contribute to reducing the impact of your energy consumption.

Protection from grid unreliability

While planned load shedding has reduced in South Africa, the grid infrastructure remains unreliable, and with significant scheduled maintenance as well as unplanned failures it is essential that you can continue to run your essential devices when the power fails.


The intelligent hybrid inverter control system will automatically direct the energy flows depending on the amount of solar energy being generated and the demands from the property. To comply with load grid regulations the system will normally be configured to ensure that no energy is exported to the grid, but this can be changed if your electricity supply contract allows you to sell power back to your supplier.

Essential Loads

It is not practical to power an entire house from batteries when the grid fails so the system should be configured to power a selection of important devices in the event of a grid failure. Typically, these would include the following low power devices:

  • Fridge / Freezer
  • Lights
  • Alarm
  • TV
  • WiFi
  • Laptop / Phone Charging

Heavy Loads

Many electrical devices consume a lot of energy and will deplete the batteries very rapidly if used when the grid has failed. These should not be configured on the essential loads circuit and will be unavailable while the grid connection is down:

  • Water heating
  • Electric heating
  • Oven
  • Pool pump
  • Cleaner


The Home Solar and Storage solution uses tried and tested products from major manufacturers that have all been tested and validated to work seamlessly together.

  • Canadian Solar: Tier One solar module manufacturer installed across the world. The top-selling solar brand in South Africa.
  • Goodwe: Top hybrid inverter manufacturer offering high quality, high efficiency, low noise (with fan-less natural convection cooling) at an affordable price.
  • Pylontech: High efficiency, high capacity, long lifespan and safe lithium iron phosphate battery system.
  • Renusol: High-quality German manufacturer of mounting structures with high wind load and weather resistance.


Modules 16 X CS 330W
Total Module Rating 5,280Wp
Hybrid Inverter Goodwe 4.6
Lithium Batteries 4 X Pylon
Usable Capacity 80% DOD 7.68kWh
Essential Loads AC 4.6kW
Peak Load (10 sec) 6.0kW
Charge Rate 4.8kW


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