Protection from energy price rises

Prices for electricity are expected to continue to rise in real terms for many years to come to fund the renewal of the electricity supply system in South Africa. A solar PV system will provide a substantial proportion of your electricity demand free for many years.

Maximise savings

A well-designed grid-tied solar system could reduce your electricity demand from the grid by over 50% and the modules should last for over 25 years with minimal maintenance.

Reduced environmental impact

The impact of climate change is obvious for all to see the world over from increased floods to droughts, crop failures, rising temperatures and increasing weather events. Generating clean energy from solar will contribute to reducing the impact of your energy consumption.

Low cost

A grid-tied system with no storage provides the best value option for powering your house from free solar energy and will typically cost 50% – 60% of the total cost of full battery-storage based solution.


The grid-tied inverter control system will automatically convert the DC power generated by the solar panels into the AC power needed by your property. To comply with grid regulations the system will normally be configured to ensure that no energy is exported to the grid, but this can be changed if your electricity supply contract allows you to sell power back to your supplier.


The Home Solar solution uses tried and tested products from major manufacturers that have all been tested and validated to work seamlessly together.

  • Canadian Solar: Tier One solar module manufacturer installed across the world. The top-selling solar brand in South Africa.
  • Solis: Top inverter manufacturer offering high quality, high efficiency, export limitation at an affordable price.
  • Renusol: High-quality German manufacturer of mounting structures with high wind load and weather resistance.


Modules 12 X CS 330W
Total Module Rating 3,960Wp
Inverter Solis 3.6


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