Renusol’s extended 20-year warranty

Renusol’s solar mounting solutions are trusted by solar professionals around the world thanks to their straightforward yet robust design.

Faithful to the company’s commitment of providing a ‘Simple. Solid. Service’, Renusol is offering an extended 20-year warranty to all components used in projects designed with the PV-Configurator 3.0.

An upgraded assurance

The 20-year warranty mirrors Renusol’s 20-year dedication to the solar industry, during which time they have provided high-quality, solid and reliable PV mounting solutions.

Thanks to Renusol’s state-of-the-art and simple-to-use PV-Configurator, installers can design norm-compliant and solid projects with best-in-class products. Now, the company has gone one step further to reassure customers that Renusol is a trusted mounting with an outstanding, long-term warranty.

Renusol’s philosophy is threefold: the experts focus on a simple, solid service. The company’s solutions are straightforward and user-friendly to facilitate planning and assembly while being durable, stable and safe.

For almost a quarter of a century, Renusol has been manufacturing solar mounting systems for all roof types. As the company was founded in 1997, Renusol’s experience exceeds 20 years, delivering more than 3GW of mounting systems to over 48 different countries worldwide. In addition, the company’s knowledge of market trends and understanding of the solar sector makes Renusol one of the key players in the PV industry.

A trusted partner

Here at SegenSolar, we have partnered with Renusol for several years to supply high-quality solar mounting solutions to installer customers in South Africa and the surrounding SADC countries. In previous years, we collaborated to create the MetaSole+ High Top component. This product was created specifically for the hotter Southern African climate as the higher rail allows for more airflow and, thereby, increased panel cooling and boosted system performance.

When customers create a quote on the SegenSolar portal, Renusol is the default mounting manufacturer in both our Quick Quote and Kit Builder tools.

In fact, we have integrated the PV-Configurator into our own System Designer, using Renusol’s expert solutions to allow installers to design accurate and safe systems.

When Renusol introduced the PV-Configurator 1.0, it was one of the first companies to introduce online design tools for solar installations. In developing the software over the years, Renusol has refined the tool to give installers an accurate and reliable way to design site-specific mounting systems that are safe and cost-effective. Extensive testing and certification efforts also contribute further to a very high and proven degree of reliability.

And the Renusol technicians are constantly working to develop the software, too. For example, the extensive module database now exceeds 33,000 different module types that have been automatically loaded into the tool. This addition means that any user can view all relevant module data without manually inputting the information, speeding up the design process and removing any scope for human error. What’s more, users can now calculate the number of third-party fixings required on any project based on local wind and snow-load conditions!

Are you a solar installer or PV wholesaler based in Southern Africa? Sign up to our free customer portal and create a quote using Renusol mounting products today.