Renusol’s Certified Solutions

Renusol is arguably the most well-regarded PV mounting manufacturer worldwide, and this manufacturer’s solutions have now been trusted for a quarter of a century, as 2022 marks Renusol’s 25th anniversary.

Over the past 25 years, Renusol has established itself as the go-to supplier of solar mounting equipment for residential and commercial projects in over 80 countries around the globe. The Renusol team has worked hard to obtain several accreditations and certificates to certify the reliability and safety of its solutions, including the esteemed ETN certificate for projects in France, plus extensive fire testing certificates.

Renusol’s motto of ‘Simple. Solid. Service.’ underpins all company operations and PV product offerings. Below, we take a deeper dive into the ‘Solid’ aspect of this ethos and explore how Renusol works to ensure its mounting solutions are robust and reliable.

Approved for bankability

Renusol’s MetaSole+ (MS+) and VarioSole+ (VS+) solutions have received the ETN testing certification for projects based in France. This certificate means investors, insurers and end-users can have total confidence in projects using these products, as they have been tested rigorously in situ and reviewed for safety and quality.

The ETN certificate is an excellent marker of the reliability and bankability of Renusol’s products. Although it is specific to the French market, it should serve as reassurance nonetheless to installers in Southern Africa that the equipment has been vetted by recognised industry bodies.

And recently, the MS+ and its MS+H and MS+P variants received the ETN certificate when installed with additional modules from leading manufacturers such as JA Solar and Jinko.

Solar installations featuring an ETN-certified product combination are classed as semi-integrated systems in France, allowing them to benefit from a higher feed-in tariff and better bankability for investors.

Comprehensive fire testing

As PV panels are fitted directly onto Renusol’s mounting equipment, it is vital to ensure the two sets of products work together harmoniously and are safe.

In June 2021, Renusol ran an additional series of stringent fire tests, looking at when its MS+ and VS+ solutions are installed with JA Solar’s monocrystalline (‘JAM’) and polycrystalline (‘JAP’) panel ranges. On completion of the tests, the products received renewed fire-testing certification from international testing, inspection and certification body, Warringtonfire.

Renusol ran these tests to obtain a fire classification for on-roof PV systems, using the VS+ with roof tiles and battens and the MS+P range with sandwich panels. The result of the tests was that the applied fire did not penetrate the building. As this meets the fire test safety requirement, Renusol passed the threshold with flying colours and a BROOF(T4) Classification according to EN 13501-5:2016.

Another successful testing certificate under Renusol’s belt adds further value to its commitment to the ‘Solid’ aspect of the company motto.

Sophisticated software for safety

Renusol is also renowned for its PV-Configurator 3.0 tool: a unique software that enables installers to plan their entire solar project using Renusol mounting equipment in just a few clicks. When you design your system using this tool, you receive a complete project report including an assembly plan, structural calculations, parameters documentation and a parts list. The calculations are guaranteed to be accurate and provide a thorough structural analysis of your system, offering total reliability and transparency.

This tool helps solar professionals save money on their projects, and it also encourages higher safety thanks to the targeted dimension function. All projects designed using the PV-Configurator 3.0 has structural verifications at the core of all calculations, ensuring the components are reliably calculated, and the mounting system is completely safe.

Renusol is our recommended mounting provider for all solar PV systems, and you can find the entire range on the SegenSolar portal. What’s more, we offer an integrated version of the PV-Configurator 3.0 in our System Designer! Sign up or log in now to get started.